Scrooge's Rant

Last week I had a decent Week 1 with my picks going 10-6.  Hopefully my record will improve this week.  Please feel free to comment on what you think about my picks.  Here are my Week 2 picks:

Texans @ Panthers

I like the Panthers to run over the Texans.  They dominated the Rams at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and held the explosive Rams offense to only 13 points.  That Carolina defense will be all over Matt Shaub and that Panthers offense should more than enough to win the game.  The Panthers are a pretty good team and they'll show that when they cream the Texans

Bengals @ Browns

The Browns were one of my sleeper teams coming into the season, but I abandoned that theory after the Steelers exposed them for the horrible team they really are.  I like the Bengals big.  They are the better team and I like Carson Palmer to throw for 300+ yards and I like Chad Johnson to run right past that horrible Browns defense.  That Browns offense sucks and I expect either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn(hopefully not Quinn) to get killed by that Bengals defense.

Colts @ Titans

I like the Colts to win in a close game.  This is in Nashville and that's one of my reasons that I think that it'll be close.  Don't forget that it's a division game.  Yes, that Colts defense did look good against the Saints, but I think that the Titans physical offense pounds the ball right down the throat of the Colts.  The Titans ran all over a stout Jaguars defense, imagine what they'll do against the Colts smallish defense.  However, I think taht the Colts offense is just too much for the Titans to handle.

Saints @ Buccaneers

I like the Saints to win against a bad Buccaneers team, but I think that the game'll be close because the Saints aren't as good as people think they are and because the Bucs are at home.  I like Cadillac Williams to have a huge game against a bad Saints defense.  I think that the Saints offense will do just enough to win what I think will tough game on the road; however, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs pulled out a win.

49ers @ Rams

I think the 49ers will kill the Rams.  I like Frank Gore to run all over that horrible Rams defense and I like Alex Smith to do enough for the 49ers to win.  On the other side of the ball, I like Manny Lawson and Tully Banta-Cain to torture Marc Bulger and I think that the 49ers defense is good enough to slow down the Rams offense.  Patrick Willis looks like a hell raiser and with Mike Singletary coaching him, I expect him to have a great and long NFL career and I like Willis to have a great game against the Rams.

Bills @ Steelers

The Steelers will trample the Bills.  That Dick LeBeau defense will torture JP Losman all day and they'll be able to shutdown the Bills rushing attack.  I also think that the Steelers offense will run all over that young Bills defense and I like Santonio Holmes to have a big games playing against Terrence McGee at cornerback.  The fact that the Bills are on the road doesn't help their cause.

Packers @ Giants

I like the Packers to demolish the Giants.  This Packers defense is pretty good and you Giants fans better wish that Eli Manning is playing quarterback because I don't think that Jared Lorenzen can play.  The Giants will have 6 turnovers and lose by 30 points if Jared Lorenzen plays.  I also think that Brandon Jacobs is pretty good and he'd better be back soon.

Falcons @ Jaguars

Joey Harrington showed that he can't play and I expect that Jaguars defense to bounce back from that disappointing showing against Tennessee.  That Jaguars defense will abuse Joey Harrington and that Jaguars offense will pound the ball against that horrible Falcons run defense.  I like the Jaguars to roll at home against one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Cowboys @ Dolphins

I like the Cowboys to win in a close one.  I think that DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer unmask Trent Green as the bad quarterback he really is(Green was good in his prime, but not anymore).  I also expect that amazing Dolphins defense to keep the game close and I like Tony Romo to pull it out.  Expect both quarterbacks to have a rough game as this will be a defensive game which'll be in the range of 17-13 or something of the sort.

Vikings @ Lions

The way you beat that Vikings defense is to spread them out and let it fly.  The one thing that the Lions can do offensively is spread you out and let it fly.  I expect Calvin Johnson to have a huge game against that awful Vikings secondary and I expect Adrian Peterson to have a huge game against a bad Lions defense.  I like the Lions in a shootout.

Jets @ Ravens

ROAD KILL!  The Ravens will kill the Jets this Sunday.  That Ravens defense will chew Kellen Clemens up and spit him back out.  The Jets will be shutout on the road against an excellent Ravens team.  I think Steve McNair will be good enough to allow the Ravens to win.  I still think the Jets are a good team, I just don't think they're anywhere close to being where the Ravens are now.

Redskins @ Eagles

I like the Eagles to kill the Redskins this week.  The Packers got really lucky against the Eagles last week and the Eagles won't lose the game on two muffed punt returns.  I expect the Eagles defense to force Jason Campbell into some mistakes and I expect the Eagles defense to march up and down the field at will against that inept Redskins defense that looked better than they actually were against a pathetic Dolphins offensive line.


Raiders @ Broncos

This game won't even be close.  That Broncos defense will abuse that Raiders offensive line and they'll be able to get to either Josh McCown or Daunte Culpepper and that defense should force that defense into some mistakes.  I also expect Travis Henry to have a big game and the Raiders will have no success offensively.  I think that Jay Cutler will play well enough for the Broncos to win.


Chargers @ Patriots

This game should be really good.  I think that the Chargers will win, but barely.  This is just something that I have a gut feeling about.  The Patriots are the better team, but I think that the Chargers will play better Sunday on the road.  Hopefully, this won't be like the gut feeling I had about the Browns beating the Steelers last week.  I do expect Tomlinson to bounce back from last week and he should have a big game.  I also expect that Chargers defense to be in Brady's face all day and he won't have enough time to make the big plays that he made last week against the Jets.


Chiefs @ Bears

The Bears will kill the Chiefs.  The Bears defense played really well against a pretty good offense of the San Diego Chargers and shutdown LaDanian Tomlinson.  Imagine what this Bears defense will do to the horrible Chiefs offensive line and to Larry Johnson.  I still think that Grossman sucks, but he should be fine for this game and tare apart a bad Chiefs defense.


Seahawks @ Cardinals

As my upset of the week, I like the Cardinals.  I'm not jumping on the Seahawks bandwagon until they show me something against a good team.  Everybody says that Shaun Alexander is back and he had a great game because he had 105 yards.  He did get 27 carries and he played a bad run defense.  He won't get anything against a Cardinals defense that bottled up Frank Gore.  I also think that Matt Hassleback isn't as good as people make him out to be and I also think that the Cardinals offensive line will have their way with the Seahawks defensive line.


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