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Mac is Drowning Some Riot

You know it's almost October when you get up from the TV after the closing of the 6th, and come back to see your Red Sox just blew a 5 run lead. To of all teams, the Yankees.

The Boston Red Sox came into Friday nights game in Fenway with a 5.5 game lead over the New York Yankees. In the 7th inning, it looked like it was about to grow to 6.5 games. The Red Sox were leading 7-2. Matsuzaka had an "ok" outing on the night. He had tossed 120+ pitches in just over 6 innings. Then, the Bronx Bombers woke up. They busted out with 6 runs to take the lead 8-7. All of this was done vs Okajima and Papelbon. Two of the most dominant relievers in the MLB. The game ended with young Ellsbury being K'd up by the Sandman.

I had been watching the game all the way through the 6th inning. It had been going for 3 1/2 hours, and the way it was going I packed it in. I figured that Okajima and Papelbon would come in and close out the game with ease. Well they instead came in and blew the game. The Red Sox have the best bullpen in the majors, and I'm honestly in disbelief over their performance. Boston had a chance to push the Yankees back a little further, and then close the gap between the Yanks and the Tigers in the AL Wild Card. Now, the Red Sox are sitting with a 4.5 game lead over the Yanks, and still have 2 more games to go in this series.

Then to top it off, Rick Sutcliffe put in a terrible night of broadcasting. He started things off with his take on Varitek. He talked about how Tek should get another Gold Glove and how much of a big time leader he is for Boston. That's cool, so far. He then went on to talk about it 2 more times all the way into the 4th inning. Then the 4th inning comes along, and instead of talking about how Matsuzaka is missing his targets BY 3 TO 4 FEET, he is STILL talking about Varitek and Matsuzaka's culture shock. He wasn't talking about how ERRATIC Matsuzaka looked, and how he ESCAPED a terrible inning. Then after J.D. Drew struck out for the 2nd consecutive at bat by Pettite with the EXACT same pitch in the EXACT same location, Rick was silent as they went to a commercial. Rick went on to say some other psycho babble, but that's not the focus of the blog. I really just wanted to call in and say: "Hey Rick. My hand is a little sore, I dont feel like lifting it right now. Please, slap yourself for me."

Beckett takes the mound on Saturday in a game I figure to  be a MUST win. The Red Sox MUST avenge their debocle and to be brutally honest, choke job from Friday. Beckett is the man, he's got the plan. I rest EVERYTHING in his hands. Forget Notre Dame at Michigan. The hell with Tennessee at Florida. The hell with food, sleep, and sanity. Saturday is ALL about the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have had the best record in the league in the majors for 123 days, and have been leading the AL East for the majority of the season. (More like the entire season) It's close ALL OVER AGAIN. Suddenly the Red Sox rotation and bullpen doesn't look as formidable as it has. Ortiz is aching. Manny is struggling with an oblique. And the Yankees are being the frickin Yankees. The Yanks have brought it down to 4-5 games a couple of times since the All Star break, and the Sox have in every case brought it back up to 7-8 games. I have faith in them to do it again. This is Boston's year, to at least win the AL East. It's a completely different season when the playoffs hit. October is almost here, and I think I might need a pacemaker put into my chest. I need something to help prepare me for the grind that is the MLB playoffs. I need something to help me get through the ALDS series that Boston has. I need something to help me as I monitor the Yankees ALDS series. And I think I might need LifeAlert if the Yankees pull the single greatest miracle since 1980 by defeating the Angels in the ALDS. I dont care if the Yankees pull within 1 game to close out the season. I dont care how close they get, as long as they get the Angels in the 1st round. All is fine and dandy if they get the Angels, because the Yankees are the Angels ___ch.

It's 11:20pm for me, and at this point in time I really want to just go outside and kick a cat. Just line it up, have my dad be the holder, PUNT the thing, and yell "IT'S GOOD!!!" I want to take a picture of Ryan Seacrest and tape it to a punching bag, and realign his face. But since I'm too tired and too lazy to do either, Pantera and Metallica will have to suffice. "Walk" and "Master of Puppets" here I come.


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