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Well, looks like we have a busy weekend in the NFL ahead of us...

I'm not going into the Pats' spy-gate scandal because, honestly, I'm pretty much fed up with it. So, what else is going on?

The Jets will most likely be starting second-year QB Kellen Clemens against the Ravens on Sunday. The Ravens and their tough D is a tough place to make your first NFL start. My prediction: a 27-10 Ravens win drops New York to 0-2. Clemens' numbers: 13-26, 180 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT. Ouch.

QB Eli Manning of the Giants is a game-time decision against the Packers. If Manning doesn't start, LB-sized backup Jared Lorenzen will be under center at the start of the game. My prediction for the game: Packers win it 30-20 in a shootout, and Lorenzen throws 2 INT.

He's huge!

The Houston Texans are on the longest winning streak in franchise history. They have 3 straight wins, dating back to last season. Will they be able to extend that streak when they face the Panthers? My prediction: The streak ends for Houston as Carolina wins it, 30-14.

The New England Patriots are looking to put this whole scandal behind them. They probably have the game of the week when they play the Chargers. My prediction: San Diego wins it 30-27 on a last second field goal by Nate Kaeding, and Tom Brady throws 2 TDs for the Pats.

The Saints and Drew Brees play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. My prediction: After the ugly loss to the Colts last week, New Orleans wins this one easily, 26-13.

After the win against Baltimore Monday night, Cincinnati heads into Cleveland to play the Browns. This should be an easy win for Cincy. I'm predicting a 34-10 win for the Bengals. Carson Palmer throws 3 touchdowns, and Chad Johnson catches all 3.

The defending champions Colts head into Tennessee after a triumphant win against New Orleans to face the Titans. Indy is the favorite, but don't count out Vince Young and the Titans. Young, when up against Peyton Manning, has been better.

The Atlanta Falcons play the Jacksonville Jaguars today. I'm predicting a 24-14 win for the Jags. Joey Harrington throws 3 INT against the Jags' D.

Champ Bailey and the Broncos play the Oakland Raiders today. My prediction: Denver wins it 30-17 and Bailey has a pick.

Another NFC North matchup. The Vikings march into Detroit to play the Lions. I don't think Minnesota can shut down the Lions' potent offense. I'm predicting a 24-17 win for Detroit, and Calvin Johnson scores a touchdown.

The Chiefs head into Chicago to face the Bears. I'm predicting a 25-15 win for Chicago.

The Dallas Cowboys face the Miami Dolphins today. Tony Romo should have another good game. 20-25, 250 yards, 2 TDs. I think it'll be closer than a lot of people think. Cowboys win, 27-20.

The Bills face the Steelers today. I'm predicting another close game: a 14-10 Steelers win. Defense dominates this game.

The Seattle Seahawks head into Arizona to face the Cardinals. My prediction: a 24-20 Cardinals upset of the Seahawks. Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald catch a TD each.

Here's a good NFC West matchup: 49ers at Rams. I'm gonna go with the Niners here. The Rams looked terrible last week. My prediction: 30-20, Niners.

And now, for our final game of the week. On Monday, the Redskins play the Eagles. I'll take the Eagles in this one, 21-10. Donovan McNabb throws for 2 TDs.

Wow, that took me a while to do. Hope you enjoy it!



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