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Dear Notre Dame,

I'm a season ticket holder.  I have supported the Irish since birth.  I haven't had the chance to witness a Notre Dame national championship, and I have always expected to.  Whenever I mention Notre Dame, my heart lights up.  I take great pride in being an Irish fan and being a season ticket holder.  But today, I have nothing good to say about you.

At 3:30 today, I turned on my TV expecting to watch a good game between two programs with a string of bad luck and breaks.  I didn't expect this.  Currently, Michigan is up by 38.  I started today off with a Jerome Bettis jersey on accompanied by a pair of Notre Dame basketball shorts.  Since then, I have changed into a pair of Pacers shorts and an ESPN the Weekend shirt.  As many of my friends would tell you, I'm never shy about wearing my Notre Dame jerseys or shirts.  I wore one after each of their previous losses.  Expect these jerseys to be retired for a while.  You have been as bad as any college football team in recent history.

As a Notre Dame fan, I always have high expectations.  You guys have really stopped that.  I'm just going to have to pray that you can win a game this year.  You have -47 rushing yards.  All you have to do is throw the ball and not get sacked.  Too bad for Clausen, that takes more than .1 seconds, the approximate amount of time before Clausen is sacked.  Clausen is 11-14 this game.  He isn't the problem.  It's you, Kevin White.  It's you Charlie Weis.  Out of any school in the nation, You will always gets recruits for being Notre Dame.  That is about to end.

It's a scary thought.  You are done.  Any Notre Dame fan who believes that Notre Dame will contend again is fooling themselves.  You guys are just going to end up like Army, Navy, and all of the other former powers.  It's just too hard.  With your academic standards, their location, and the recent lack of success, no recruits will want to go there.  2005 should be a cherished memory for Notre Dame fans.  It's the closest we will ever get.

I've been Mr. Optimistic for this season.  I can't look at this game optimistically.  I am truly embarrassed to be a fan of you guys.  I love Notre Dame with a passion.  I would seriously like to find a fan of another team my age who is as into them as I am into you guys.  My family spends thousands of dollars on you.  This is how you repay us.

Charlie Weis is over.  The honeymoon is over.  He can slip up a few times at first, but now he has to perform.  The third year at Notre Dame separates the Rocknes from Fausts.  The Parseghians from the Brennans.  It looks like Charlie will be the third bum head coach.  He was supposed to bring a nasty outlook on the team.  He has just ended up making this team nasty.  He can't teach them how to block.  Clausen has no time.  He's too good to play for you.  It's sad but true.  You guys get way too many penalties.  That's from a lack of discipline.

I may not be a football genius, but I should be able to coach better than Charlie.  It's sad how much you guys invested in him.  They gave him a contract extension just so he wouldn't go to the pros.  Now high school looks like his only option.  What a shame to see how the great have fallen.  Instead of wondering who the next big recruit is or what bowl we will be in, Notre Dame nation will be wondering who will be the next head coach and when we will win a game.  No game is guaranteed this season.  An optimist's outlook should be 2-10 at most.

This is by far the worst Notre Dame team in history.  You guys have crushed some dreams.  Dreams of Notre Dame returning to glory.  Dreams of national championships.  Now the only logical dream would be you all winning a bowl game.

It's a sad day in Notre Dame nation.  As I turn back on the game, I see that Clausen is on the bench, and the scrubs are in.  Scratch that.  The scrubs have played the whole game.  I could write for hours on why I am dissapointed in you all.  The head coach has turned out to be the dud.  All expectations are gone.  Notre Dame fans just need to watch and wait.

You all are a disgrace.  I've tried to be nice in this letter, but I can't hold it in anymore.  Knute Rockne established the precedent.  Win.  It's not that hard.  Eleven national championship banners hang in Notre Dame Stadium.  There will be no more.  I will always have the season tickets, but I will never expect anything great.  Maybe some pro prospects.  Maybe a good run every five or ten years, but that's it.  If I'm not wearing my Notre Dame clothing while the game is on, there is trouble.  If Temple has been better than you, you have trouble.  If during my entire football career, I have more rushing yards than you guys, and I played defensive line, there is trouble.  This team is in trouble.  Here's to better days. 

Days of Raghib Ismail.  Days of "Win One for the Gipper".  Days of Rudy.  Days of Rockne.  Days of the Four Horsemen.  Now the only days left are days of mediocrity and embarrassment.  So let's hang on to our 1988 National Championship shirts and our Four Horsemen banners.  That's all we Notre Dame fans have got.

Sincerely, Notre Dame's biggest fan: Sam Francis.


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