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Atlanta v. Jacksonville - Ladies we don't really like either of these teams.  There QB's aren't my favorite, how dare Jville get ride of Byron Leftwhich...Gerrard can kick rocks and don't even get me started about Joey Harrington...Atl is not Orgeon!  Roddy White is garabge, Warick Dunn is HOT, Alge is hurt but still a UNC alum, and Jville's entire team can also kick rooks....Overall Root for ATL!

Kansas v. Chicago - Kansas has the worlds most questionable QB haurd, whatever his name is, is insignificant.  But remember, Kansas has LJ (not to be confused with LT of the chargers) dude is FINE and talented.  Other than LJ kansas has nothing going for them, Herm Edwards is a Herb!  Chicago has Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson, they both look extremely retarded but they can get the job done if they put their minds to it.  Not to mention Rex Grossman is my fav...got to root for the underdog..his inconsistancy is for the birds but we love'em!  Overall lets root for Chicago..Lovie deserves a ring! P.S. Devon Hester!

Jets v. Baltimore -Um, this is totally Baltimore's game, let us hope that Kyle Boller can work a miracle as I suspect he might get the start.  Steve "air" McNair is on the outs...after weeks 1's preformance I am Concerned!  I am totally in love with Ray Lewis (bmore) not to mention is fine, but he is an excellent eight time pro bowler and a wonderful team leader....the Jets are garabage, nuff said!

Green Bay v. Giants - I don't like either team really, I find them both to be insignifant (well other than their two star old heads.)  Favre and Strahan...NY lost all there folks, lil'mannings out and Osi (quite possibly the finest specimen in the league) is also out.  I don't like these teams so who cares...where the hell is bubba franks....he should be somewhere kickin rocks!  Ahman Green and Javon Walker.....umm umm ummm, phone home!

Houston v. Carolina - Well I am a carolina girl so you know how this is going to turn out!   This game is a showdown of WR's for me (thats widereciervers/wideouts)  Andre Johnson (Houston) and Steve Smith (Carolina) are premier...although Andre Johnson is quite possibly one of the rudest humans out there...MALE ****!  With this being said we are rooting for Carolina...but do be suspicious of Jake Delhume's abilities and pay close attention to Deshaun Foster...I am undecided on my preference for him as a RB (thats runningback)

New Orleans v. Tampa Bay - Reggie Bush(once considered the finest dude in the league but after certain shinnanagans, he can kick rocks) but really can he stop wit the damn back flips...doing too much for the little that you do!   I think overall New Orleans was overblown this year...they ain't gonna do much where is Joe Horn when you need him...screw Deuce McAllister...wait, I don't know why I said that!!  Tampa Bay...is garbage, nuff said, shoulda kept Simeon I might have cared about ya!

Seattle v. Arizona - Now I love both of these teams, but hands down the Cards are our team.  WARNING WARNING, don't put money on the Cards, just might now win this one!  First let me say that Matt Leinart should kick rocks....Jay Culter was the better fit for AZ, his arm is crazy and he would have hit Fitz and Boldin!  AZ, has some wonderful talent, two top WR's, EJ (lets look past his rude behavior and abrasive appearance) and Levi Brown (one of the nicest people in the league.)  Not to mention one hell of a back of QB...Kurt is that dude!  I don't really boast about any other player, Leonard Pope and Betrard Berry are cool, Bryant Johnson needs to step it up, but he is behind two of the leagues best WR's so what can we we expect.   Opps, thats right, AZ has Adrian Wilson, NC alum and Pro-Bowler, but who the hell cares (did anyone see that Oakland game when his hand went through the **** crack of a Oakland player..**** was hilarious, yes dudes pants came down!!!)  Seattle is GREAT....Julian Peterson is that dude on Defense and Matt and Shaun rule, Love Dieon and their coach is the most paid dude out there!!!  Lets go Cards...let us pray!

San Fransico and Saint Louis - Ok I LOVE want to marry Alex Smith...don't ask why!  Frank Gore is that dude, my inspirational story...this is a though week for him so pray for our boy!  I like Arnaz Battle and Ashlee Leile, don't know why..I wish Denver would stop riding his jock!  Saint Louis relevant only because of Steven Jackson, lets hope he lays of the fumbles, but he has the potential to be one explosive RB, Tory Holt, who is argubaly one of the leagues best receivers...although he isn't in his prime anymore, and Marc Bulger...but I don't really follow this cat.  Steven Jackson is nice to watch...on the physical scale that is.  Overall, we are rooting for San Fran, I love them boys....and this is a age old rivarly...don't know why!

Miami v. Dallas - Who cares...I mean T.O is always fun to watch (Dallas) and Ronnie Brown or whatever his name is in entertaining and that Ted character but once again who cares.  And quite frankly I am SICK ofJason Taylor, he really rubs me the wrong way...overall ladies root for Dallas and good ole Wade and the boys...but this game can really KICK ROCK!  P.S. for some reason I don't like Romo the **** ( no offense to be taken, its a joke!)

Cinci v. Clevand - battle of Ohio, but not too much of a battle considering that Cinci is going to demolish this leaderless team.  Cinci is one of my unsung heros, I don't claim them too often, due to their criminal woes, but I totally adore them.  For some reason Chad Johnson is hot....and yes I mean both skillwise and lookwise...I think its a sexy swagger.  Carson Palmer is wonderful, nothing bad to say about the fella!  As for Clevland, damn Brady Quinn and why oh why did Frye say bye  (all relating to clevland!)  I personally think that Jamel Lewis is past his point of usefullness....he should head back to his Atlanta hoe pad...he's a MALE ****, baby momma's and mistress's galor (a minature Travis Henry!)   

Buffalo v. Pitts. - I don't like Willie Parker (I was his RA in College and he almost got me fired) naw he straight, well at times!!  Nonetheless he is the little willie that could....wonderful story..from college bench warmer to probowler, gotta to love it!   Pitts is straight, I question the personaility of their entire roster...fidility isn't their strongest suit, but thats irrelevant, you can catch them WILDING in ATL!  They are a VERY decent squad and I like the coach...its Mike's year yall, NEXT YEAR IN SUPERBOWL CONTENTIONS!  Buffalo, I really don't want to type this...but I guess Loseman should go kick rocks...I am so sick of supporting him, he isn't producing so NEXT!   What is his Lynch or Maroney...one of them..either way they both look a mess!  I think its rookie Marshawn Lynch that plays for Buffalo and Maroney is wit the Pats.  Either way....dude is ballin out, however lets go for Pitts!

Oakland v. Denver - traditionally this would be a no brainer ladies...Denver wit the win, but they have been hit wit some injuries and Culter is still tryin to find his way, although he had a SUPURB first week.  We adore denver, Javon Walker is fine as all get out and he is a decent player.  I also like Mike Bell but I want Travis Henry banned....nine kids...ladies beware, this dude needs to FALLBACK!  Oakland is straight, Ron C. (Their WR) is a UNC Alum..cool dude!  I wonder wants going to happen with Oaklands  QB situation, lets hope Daunte can get some play....JaMarcus has pissed me off....can we say overrated, he better show up and throw his **** OFF, wait who is he throwin to...and fat **** Lamont Jordan can KICK ROCKS!!!!!

Minnesota v. Detriot - I don't care, their rookies aren't that important Adrian Peterson v. Calvin Johnson...I still don't care!   Quite frankly I am still not over the Minn. Boat situation...I am a woman and I am offended.  Detriot...you know what time it is...KICK ROCKS!  Roy ain't cuttin it...overall Detriot's got it

 Washingtong v. Philly - as I live in DC, naturally Washington must win.  I am a redskins fan, despite their overall womanizing ways...but I guess DC is home of the groupie (well ATL and Mia but got us beat.)  I think Clinton Portis and Santana Moss are two of the slowest dudes out there (mentalky)...HOWEVER they got game!  Moss forgot to show up last week, but I think Sean Taylor might have given him a U peep talk!  Antwaan Randle El is about the business this season..screw the haters!  Ladies we love Chris Cooley...always root for the cool white boy...Philly all they got is my boy Donovan, and he is admittedly starting to bother me!  Go Skins! P.S. Jason Campbell looks like a diceptacon....however, he is going to be a top of the line medicore QB, he can get it done...as long as he HANDS the ball to betts and Portis..naw his arm is straight!


Indy v. Tenn. - I hate Vince Young, I don't think its acceptable to be a dumb QB...I mean who punches his own players, why to be a team leader!!!  I also despise Tenn, hasn't been the same since Eddie George left.  Wait why are we still talkin about Tenn.?  I think Indy is going to lose due to the fact that I don't think they can stop the run...Bob baby where you at?  Bob Saunder is FINE nuff said.  Suprisingly I don't like Peyton Mannining, too much airtime...can he sit his **** down!  Play football and retire all the commercials k!!!  Overall Tenn's got this!  Yo, in side news....David Thronton, fine dude from UNC who played for indy is now in Tenn...for this simple fact...that Indy traded fineness...we MUST root for Tenn.

San Deigo and New England - best game of the week.  Ladies you cannot discuss football without being aware of this match up.  San Deigo is my Superbowl pic...quite frankly LT and Phillip Rivers are going to get it done...and I don't say that because Phillip is a NC dude.  I adore Shaun Phillips...sans his male whorish tendacies, however I fear the big head syndrome is setting in.  I don't appreciate Shawn Merriman, I think roids **** wit your brain, that dude is MISSING something.  Nonetheless, these are wondeful players who form one of the most potentent defenses in the league.  The quesion is can it stop that NE offense (well maybe since they can no longer steal signals.)  Tom is on fire and he has found a jewel is Moss, but how long will Moss's sanity last before he goes Oakland dumb?  I'm not getting hyped about NE yet...Maroney is impressive and I love Teddi!  I think overall LT is going to get it done (not to confused with LJ of Kansas who can't get it done.)  Go Chargers (San Deigo ladies)!!!!  Hey..how's Brady's baby...think Leinary and Brady have set up a play date for the illegimates...maybe they invited the Travis Henry crew?


Where the hell is Bryron Lefwhich?  Ladies enjoy week two!  Check back for week three Preview!






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