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I really pity anyone that isn't involved in the single greatest sports rivalry. Being part of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is like nothing else in sports. I'm a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and even in defeat tonight I can at least take away a deep love for my team and its rivalry. Tonight's game was a classic Yankees/Red Sox clash. A pitchers duel through 7 innings. Both Schilling and Clemens pitching their hearts out. And into the 8th inning, Curt Schilling left it all out there. He gave up a 3R HR in a 1-1 game to the Yankee Captain, Derek Jeter. Honestly, I don't have any frustration towards Curt. He went 7.2 innings, and was punched out by a future Hall of Famer. Great showing. Roger Clemens had a brilliant game as well. He really didn't give up any runs. You take away Johnny Damon's 1st inning blooper and "The Rocket" goes 6 innings with nothing going across. The Red Sox battled throughout and were burned in any of their scoring chances by both Clemens and former Sox 1B Doug Mientkiewicz. Doug made some INCREDIBLE defensive plays that took multiple runs in multiple innings away from the Sox. When the 9th inning came around, you really should have seen me. I was pacing around in my living room. Walking up to my huge TV and kissing my hands, touching the Boston logo on my hat, and then tapping Pedroia on the screen. Watched him walk, and then kept doing the same for Ortiz. I even did a few crucifixes for Big Papi. And I'll be damn, I think I'm the smartest fan ever. I saw Posada set up inside and raise his glove up, knowing its a 2-2 count I yelled at Ortiz "DONT SWING, LET IT GO, DRAW A WALK!" I wanted Ortiz to take the pitch, and then eventually draw a walk to tie the game. But, Ortiz swung and popped out. "The Sandman" did his job in such dramatic fashion.

Game 1 showed that you can NEVER count out the Yankees, especially in games vs Boston. And especially in Fenway. Game 2 showed you how resilient the Red Sox are by how they POUNDED the Yankees 10-1. And tonights game showed you why this rivalry is the best in baseball, and in sports. Duke and UNC is a great one, I love being part of that one as well. (Go Heels!) Michigan and Ohio State is great too. I'm gladly not part of that one. (Go LSU!) And then of course there are plenty of other great rivalries in sports, but you can't argue against Yankees/Red Sox. If you do, you're a fool. BOOM!

Well, its down to 4.5 games in the AL East. Boston has series vs Toronto, Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Minnesota.

Combined Record of Teams in Red Sox Remaining Schedule:


New York has series vs Baltimore, Toronto, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore again.

Combined Record of Teams in Yankees Remaining Schedule:


The Red Sox look to have a pretty easy schedule. They don't play a single team that's at or above .500. And, they have done well vs teams in the AL East this season. New York is 4-8 vs the Orioles, who they play twice. Overall, both teams have a pretty good shot at the playoffs. New York is locked up with the Tigers in the AL Wild Card. The Yanks only have a 2.5 game lead. Detroit is getting ready for a 3 game series in Cleveland. And then, they go on to finish the season out vs the Royals, Twins, and White Sox. So, I'd say the Wild Card race is about to get really tight, if it isn't enough already. October is almost here. You know it's almost October, when it's starting to hit 40 degrees in Boston. Here we go!


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