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I have a real problem with the way he handled this whole Belichick situation. First of all, I wasn't 100% sure I agreed with the severity of the punishments for the players this offseason. But I most definitely respected him for what he was trying to accomplish. I also respected him for the fact that he was consistent and unwavering with his punishments. However, now all of a sudden this HUGE scandal comes out about Belichick and the Patroits cheating. And apparently it's been something that has been going on for some time now. With a chance to send a real message to the rest of the league and the public about this sort of cheating, Goodell slaps Belichick on the wrist and walks away from the situation. I couldn't beleive my eyes and ears when this punishment was handed down. I mean here's a guy in Goodell who suspends players for off the field problems for half seasons and whole years...for OFF THE FIELD incidents. I'm not saying what these players did should be overlooked by any means, but they did happen in their personal life and had nothing to with the actual game of football or the "integrity" of football. Then along comes Belichick and he cheats ON THE FIELD...he cheats to gain a significant advantage over his opponent. He compromises not only the integrity of himself and his coaching staff but also the NFL as a whole! He has even compromised the legitimacy of his modern day version of a dynasty! I mean you have to wonder how much this information helped the Patriots gain an advantage over their opponents on the way to those 3 Super Bowl rings. This story has been 10 times worse for the NFL than it's "bad boy" stories of the off-season. The Pac Man Jones, Tank Johnsons, and Michael Vicks may have made the NFL look bad...but they made them look bad because they were doing things they shouldn't in their PERSONAL LIVES! They basically lowered the opinion most people have about the average NFL player...the public opinion of the average NFL player now leans more towards "spoiled thugs" than "model citizens." As bad as that was for the NFL, the Belichick incident was worse...MUCH worse! It has called into question the legitimacy of the most popular professional sports league in the world! It has compromised the integrity of an entire sport! And what does the perpetrator of this horrendous crime against the sport get for this actions? A monetary fine equal to roughly 1/10 of his salary this year and loss of one draft pick. Are you kidding me?! If Goodell wanted this situation to be squashed in a hurry he should have went overboard with this punishment the same way he did with his players. These players are losing entire year's salaries because of the punishments he handed down and it's only right that this coach be given that same punishment as well as other punishments for a crime much worse for the sport of football than any of the "bad boy" stories of this past offseason.

 My suggestion...Suspension for the rest of the season without pay for Belichick. This sends the message loud and clear that this league with not stand for anyone who jeopardizes the integrity and legitimacy of the NFL.


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