It's 888 Miles to Chicago...

It’s been awhile since I’ve addressed the Nation…sorry, always wanted to say that.  Since my last post

The White Sox have played their way to the worst record in the AL!!

The Cubs have some how found a way to stay in contention.

The sure fire, #1 pick in the NBA draft is out for the season.

The hot shot #1 pick in the NFL draft finally signed his contract.

I’ve had 3 Fantasy Drafts.

The Nation has grown by tens of thousands of users!

And I’ve moved 3,000 miles…from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast.  From land of perpetual mist to the land of perpetual tailgating….trust me, drive around this area, and you’ll know what I mean.

After all that, this was my first weekend of football.  The opening week of the NFL was spent at Farm Aid in NYC.  Great time, great music, great cause…but you should of seen my face when I realized what weekend the concert was on.  My wife had said “September 9th, that sound fine?”  And the day had rung a bell…I searched my brain, and nothing…so I said, “let’s do it”…and then the next day it hit me…opening weekend.  Crap.  Ah, well…it was just one weekend…

Yeah, that’s called rationalization…so you’ll forgive me if I’m a little behind in my musings about the football season…on with some observations…

Wow…13 points in 3 weeks…and a shut out against a Defense that has let up 73 points in its first 2 games…ouch.  Tell me, how did Charlie Weis get the distinction of Offensive genius?  Yes, I know the ND roster had a big turnover…and they lost Golden Boy Quinn…but isn’t the true mark of a genius doing something with nothing?  And isn’t the lack of talent and cohesion on the current roster also the responsibility of the head coach?  Domers, this is when you should seriously be questions that HUGE extension they dished out to the “Genius” last year.

Besides the massive struggle of the Big Ten this year…the other thing that was taken away from this past weekend…USC and LSU are the real deals.  Talent wise these guys are head and shoulders above everyone else.  They have plenty of big games ahead, and any team can win any week…but after watching LSU roll through VaTech and the Trojans beat up the Huskers…the preseason hype was truly warranted for these teams.

Speaking of Geniuses needing to have their credentials checked…um, isn’t Marvin Lewis supposed to be a Defensive guru?  Um, Marv…you just let up 51 points to the BROWNS…let me repeat that…51 to the BROWNS.  This is one of the most boring offensive teams in recent years.  Letting up 51 points in itself is just horrible…any defense would be ashamed…but doing that against a rival?  And a rival that had managed 7 points and 221 yards the week before?  Wow…Bengals fans…last year the problem was keeping people out of Jail, this year the problem is keeping people out of the endzone…not sure which one is worse.  Good news, I have Chad Johnson on 2 of my fantasy teams…bad news…I made the mistake of playing the Bengals D this week.

Speaking of Fantasy football…man, after only 2 weeks I want a mulligan on my drafts in all my leagues.  Everyone has their “Man I wish…” or “Shoulda picked this guy…”  but my drafts are looking more like “Wow, were you drunk when you did that?  And the bad thing is…I wasn’t.  I’m going to keep telling myself the season is young, plenty of time for my guys to rebound…but I’m not liking a lot of the current trends…

Speaking of those trends…what’s up with the Saints?  Everyone’s darlings to win the NFC…they get beat up by the Colts, not a big surprise…but Tampa Bay?  The Defense was suspect all last year, the old bend don’t break method…but the offense was supposed to be even better this year.  Didn’t get to see their game this week, so not sure where the holes are…Saints fans, any ideas?  Yes, there are selfish reasons…Drew Brees and Reggie Bush are among my Fantasy Flock this year.

Being in the Northeast means getting treated to New York Jets football…also known as “another reason to buy DirectTV”.  Honestly, not sure what it is about them…but they are just a boring team.  They are the ideal NFL parity team right now.  If you took this team, and simulated 100 seasons in Madden…they would go 8-8 every year.  That being said…something is brewing…Kellen Clemons has the goods…and Jericho…besides having the name, is a great WR.  If they can find a dynamic RB (Sorry, Thomas Jones isn’t that guy) to complement those 2, the Jets might not be all that boring in the coming years…until then, DirectTV can’t get here soon enough.

Speaking of the New York teams…can I say “I told you so” about Coughlin?  After watching him do one of the worst coaching jobs last year, and then watching in shock as they brought him back for another season…well…let’s just say the season is playing out as expected.  This man has lost the team.  No one is playing for him, there is no accountability on this team…and even Tiki is taking pot shots at them.  Tiki, seriously man, shut up, Coughlin is providing all the evidence needed to sink himself…save your breath on beating this guy up.  So, does Coughlin make it through the season?  If the Giants used logic, he wouldn’t…but they are the team that retained him in the first place.  My money is on him making it through the season…and then the Giants screwing things up again and hiring some retread…hey, Dave Wannstedt is available!

Speaking of retreads and “I told you so”…Norv Turner…doing a bang up job out there in San Diego!  “3rd Time’s the Charm” Norv is really taking the Chargers to new heights.  The scoring machine that is LT…has 1 passing TD…and that’s it.  They managed 14 points against the Bears and Patriots.  Granted these are good defenses…but just on talent alone this should be one of the best offenses…and they scored on everyone last year.  But don’t worry Chargers fans, you can look at Norv’s track record in the playoffs…wait, what?  Oh…um…well…you have a lot of talent…so that’s good.  Mark my words, the Chargers will be looking for a new coach after this season as well.

Speaking of struggling offenses…what’s up with the Bears?  Woohoo, they beat the Cheifs…a high school team could beat the Chiefs right now.  They’ve managed 23 points in 2 weeks…the Chargers have a great D, and happen to have some great pass rushers…but the Chiefs?  They let up 20 points to Houston last week.  And of course the story is Grossman, and Benson…but that’s the sexy story.  But reviewing the games what jumps out at you is the fact the O-Line is playing like a leaky canoe…meaning, it doesn’t matter who’s rowing the thing, it’s still slowly sinking.  The frustrating thing about it, the O-line has been a strength for the last several season, so why is it that all of a sudden they aren’t playing well?  It’s hard for Rex or Cedric to play well, when they keep getting met in the backfield by unblocked defenders.  If the line doesn’t jell soon, the Bears season is in big trouble.   

A final football related story to share…

My daughter is my football watching companion, has been since she was born.  Last year she learned how to cheer for the Bears, this year, well, she’s become a football junkie.

I sat down to watch a game this past weekend, and my daughter came running in, saying “Watch football with Daddy!!”  Of course I was very excited, and made room for her on the coach.  Inevitably a commercial came on, at which my daughter grabbed the remote and said “Daddy, put football back on!”  I beamed with pride, and quickly flipped over to another game.

This weekend also marked the start of potty training…and after a successful deposit in the training potty…my daughter beamed with pride, stood up and yelled, “touchdown!”  Couldn’t of said it better myself.

That’s it for now…need to concentrate all my energy on the Monday night game, need to figure out a way that Reggie Brown has a great game, but McNabb and Westbrook don’t…


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