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I tried out a 3 round mock. I posted who we got for our Broncos on the locker talk. And like I said there, this mock draft definitely felt a little odd and I don't feel real confident with my picks but I just wanted to try it out. Tell me what you think:

1. St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford- QB- Oklahoma
2. Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh- DT- Nebraska
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy- DT- Oklahoma
4. Washington Redskins- Jimmy Clausen- QB- Notre Dame
5. Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry- S- Tennessee
6. Seattle Seahawks- Russell Okung- OT- Oklahoma State
7. Cleveland Browns- Joe Haden- CB- Florida
8. Oakland Raiders- Bruce Campbell- OT- Maryland
9. Buffalo Bills- Dez Bryant- WR- Oklahoma State
10. Jacksonville Jaguars- Derrick Morgan- DE- Georgia Tech
11. Denver Broncos(from CHI)- Rolando McClain- ILB- Alabama
12. Miami Dolphins- Dan Williams- DT- Tennessee
13. San Francisco 49ers- Trent Williams- OT- Oklahoma
14. Seattle Seahawks(from DEN)- Everson Griffen- DE- USC
15. New York Giants- Earl Thomas- S- Texas
16. Tennessee Titans- Jason Pierre-Paul- DE- USF
17. San Francisco 49ers(from CAR)- Mike Iupati- OG- Idaho
18. Pittsburgh Steelers- Brian Bulaga- OT- Iowa
19. Atlanta Falcons- C.J. Spiller- RB- Clemson
20. Houston Texans- Kyle Wilson- CB- Boise State
21. Cincinnati Bengals- Taylor Mays- S- USC
22. New England Patriots- Brandon Graham- OLB- Michigan
23. Green Bay Packers- Anthony Davis- OT- Rutgers
24. Philadelphia Eagles- Sergio Kindle- OLB- Texas
25. Baltimore Ravens- Jermaine Gresham- TE- Oklahoma
26. Arizona Cardinals- Jerry Hughes- OLB- TCU
27. Dallas Cowboys- Charles Brown- OT- USC
28. San Diego Chargers- Ryan Matthews- RB- Fresno State
29. New York Jets- Jared Odrick- DT- Penn State
30. Minnesota Vikings- Brian Price- DT- UCLA
31. Indianapolis Colts- Maurkice Pouncey- C- Florida
32. New Orleans Saints- Sean Wetherspoon- ILB- Mizzou

33. St. Louis Rams- Arrelious Benn- WR- Illinois
34. Detroit Lions- Patrick Robinson- CB- Florida State
35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Carlos Dunlap- DE- Florida
36. Kansas City Chiefs- Vladimir Ducasse- OT- UMASS
37. Washington Redskins- Roger Saffold- OT- Indiana
38. Cleveland Browns- Golden Tate- WR- Notre Dame
39. Oakland Raiders- Demaryius Thomas- WR- Georgia Tech
40. Seattle Seahawks- Nate Allen- S- USF
41. Buffalo Bills- Terrence Cody- DT- Alabama
42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(from CHI)- Brandon LaFell- WR- LSU
43. Miami Dolphins- Morgan Burnett- S- Georgia Tech
44. New England Patriots(from JAX)- Jahvid Best- RB- Cal
45. Denver Broncos- J.D. Walton- C- Baylor
46. New York Giants- Tyson Alualu- DT- Cal
47. New England Patriots(from TEN)- Daryl Washington- ILB- TCU
48. Carolina Panthers- Damian Williams- WR- USC
49. San Francisco 49ers- Ricky Sapp- OLB- Clemson
50. Kansas City Chiefs(from ATL)- Brandon Spikes- ILB- Florida
51. Houston Texans- Jonathan Dwyer- RB- Georgia Tech
52. Pittsburgh Steelers- Dominique Franks- CB- Oklahoma
53. New England Patriots- Jordan Shipley- WR- Texas
54. Cincinnati Bengals- Aaron Hernandez- TE- Florida
55. Philadelphia Eagles- Chad Jones- S- LSU
56. Green Bay Packers- Dexter McCluster- WR/RB- Ole Miss
57. Baltimore Ravens- Brandon Ghee- CB- Wake Forest
58. Arizona Cardinals- Rob Gronkowski- TE- Arizona
59. Dallas Cowboys- Kam Chancellor- S- Virginia Tech
60. San Diego Chargers- Lamarr Houston- DT- Texas
61. New York Jets- Jermaine Cunningham- DE- Florida
62. Minnesota Vikings- Tim Tebow- QB- Florida
63. Indianapolis Colts- Jason Fox- OT- Miami
64. New Orleans Saints- Cam Thomas- DT- UNC

65. St. Louis Rams- Corey Wootton- DE- Northwestern
66. Detroit Lions- Joe McKnight- RB- USC
67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jon Asamoah- OG- Illinois
-- Washington Redskins- selection forfeited due to use of 3rd round selection in 2009 Supplemental Draft
68. Kansas City Chiefs- Koa Misi- OLB- Utah
69. Oakland Raiders- Tony Pike- QB- Cincinnati
70. Philadelphia Eagles(from SEA)- Sean Lee- ILB- Penn State
71. Cleveland Browns- Alex Carrington- DE- Arkansas State
72. Buffalo Bills- Colt McCoy- QB- Texas
73. Miami Dolphins- Taylor Price- WR- Ohio
74. Jacksonville Jaguars- Reshad Jones- S- Georgia
75. Chicago Bears- John Jerry- OG- Ole Miss
76. New York Giants- Donald Butler- ILB- Washington
77. Tennessee Titans- Eric Norwood- OLB- South Carolina
78. Carolina Panthers- Mike Neal- DT- Purdue
79. San Francisco 49ers- Chris Cook- CB- Virginia
80. Denver Broncos- Dan LeFevour- QB- Central Michigan
81. Houston Texans- Matt Tennant- C- Boston College
82. Pittsburgh Steelers- Mike Johnson- OG- Alabama
83. Atlanta Falcons- Jerome Murphy- CB- USF
84. Cincinnati Bengals- Brandon Lang- DE- Troy
85. Oakland Raiders(from NE)- Navarro Bowman- OLB- Penn State
86. Green Bay Packers- Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
87. Philadelphia Eagles- Toby Gerhart- RB- Stanford
88. Arizona Cardinals(from BAL)- Thaddeus Gibson- OLB- OSU
89. Arizona Cardinals- Javier Arenas- CB- Alabama
90. Dallas Cowboys- Carlton Mitchell- WR- USF
91. San Diego Chargers- Selvish Capers- OT- West Virginia
92. Cleveland Browns- Jonathan Crompton- QB- Tennessee
93. Minnesota Vikings- Jason Worilds- OLB- Virginia Tech
94. Indianapolis Colts- Darrell Stuckey- S- Kansas
95. New Orleans Saints- Austen Lane- DE- Murray State


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