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NFL Mock Draft Part II (Please see Part I)

6.) Seattle Seahawks- Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

The Seahawks have a few needs. These include quarterback, offensive tackle, running back, and the entire secondary. However, as seen in part I of my mock draft, the top quarterback and offensive tackle have already been taken. Dez Bryant and CJ Spiller don't deserve to be taken at #6 and both of them will likely be available for the Seahawks' pick at #14. This year's offensive tackle class is one of the best in a long time and is much stronger than the quarterback class. That is part of my reasoning for Seattle taking Bulaga here.

Bulaga is the second best offensive tackle in this draft, behind Okung who was taken by the Redskins at #4 in part I. Jimmy Clausen is the second best quarterback, just behind Bradford who was taken first overall by the Rams in part I. Bulaga is the better prospect in this situation and would be a much better pick than Clausen at this point in the draft. I also believe that Hasselbeck still has a few decent years left in him.  

Bulaga seems to be capable of starting at left tackle instantly. Bulaga has everything you look for in a left tackle prospect. He has good size and arm length. His feet, agility, and balance are all impressive, as are his technique and work ethic. The biggest question mark for Bulaga is his durability and lack of experience (he has only played 23 games at left tackle in his three year career).


7.) Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden, CB, Florida

Based on what I have seen, everyone seems to believe that Haden's 40-time at the Combine has scared off the Browns. I sincerely hope that this is untrue and that the Browns' organization doesn't feel the way that these people do. Haden is a great corner and is the best in this draft by leaps and bounds. A simple 40 yard dash time shouldn't scare a team away from a potential shutdown corner.

The Browns need a new cornerback. Haden would be a perfect addition to their team. Haden is the only corner in this draft that is capable of shutting down an entire half of the field. The first ever freshman to start at corner for the University of Florida has great playmaking ability and excellent hands. He was the best cornerback in the nation last season and shut down receiver after receiver.

The fact that his 40-time is hurting his stock so much is a testament to how overrated the Combine is. People only pay attention to the 40 yard dash and bench press. Haden didn't run well, but his position drills were excellent. He showed good feet as well as fluid hips.

Haden is an excellent athlete. He is a man-to-man corner who proved that he can shut down any receiver he faces during his college career. He gets a good jump on the ball with his great quickness. However, his ability doesn't stop in the passing game. He is more than capable of stopping the run. He is also a pretty good blitzer. Haden is the best pick here, regardless of his 40-time.

Some believe that the Browns will draft Jimmy Clausen and more will think that now that they have traded Brady Quinn to the Broncos. However, they have signed Delhomme and Seneca Wallace and I believe that one of those two will be the starter for at least one season. Also, the Browns' organization already had a bad experience with one Notre Dame quarterback and this may scare them away from the next one.


8.) Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

Maryland continues to produce Combine studs. They did it this year with Bruce Campbell and last year with Darrius Heyward-Bey. And this could mean that Maryland continues to produce Al Davis' favorite prospects. The Raiders love player with good Combine numbers. They showed that by taking DHB last year and taking players with extremely fast 40-times for years.

It seems that Bruce Campbell has become the popular pick for the Raiders here in mock drafts and I am happy to say that I have been saying this since weeks before the Combine. Campbell's Combine numbers were off the charts for offensive lineman. He ran a mid-4.8 40 yard dash and he performed well in both the vertical jump and bench press.

The Raiders need a new offensive tackle badly, and this is the perfect year to do so. The last time the Raiders chose an offensive lineman, it was a player who had an incredible bench press and created a huge buzz after the Combine. This player was Robert Gallery, who was a failure at tackle, but has since turned himself into a pretty good guard. Bruce Campbell has had the best Combine performance since Gallery and all the signs point to this being the Raider's pick. Then again, it is the Raiders and it is nearly impossible to predict their choice.


9.) Buffalo Bills - Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Trent Edwards has not turned out as planned. I truly believed he would turn out to be a solid starting NFL quarterback when I saw him play in his first season. Unfortunately, he has disappointed and can not stay healthy. Fitzpatrick is a good backup, but no way should he be the starter.

Plenty of people think Clausen is the best quarterback in the Draft. Plenty of others think he is horribly overrated. However, it is very unlikely that he falls out of the top ten at this point, and most other mock drafts will have Clausen going earlier than this. Clausen has a stronger arm than Bradford, but worse accuracy. He also failed to win very much at Notre Dame, although many will credit that to the terrible defense. People will and have questioned his leadership, but it is impossible to deny that he has steadily improved at Notre Dame and he has upside.

The Bills need a quarterback, and if Clausen is available, they should take him. They could take a pass-rusher, but they just took Maybin last season and will allow him another couple years to develop. They also could take an offensive lineman, but Okung, Bulaga, and Campbell have already been taken and Trent Williams could be a stretch, as could Anthony Davis.


10.) Jacksonville Jaguars - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, USF

JPP is the biggest risk in the entire draft. He is the boom/bust pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. He has explosive athleticism and incredible talent, but he is raw. He has very little experience, having only played one season after attending a JUCO college. Pierre-Paul showed off an impressive ability to reach the quarterback in college.

The Jaguars do need a good pass-rusher. Their entire team has fallen off track. They have a good running game, but other than that, they have a lot of question marks. They could use a wide receiver, but Dez Bryant's character issues may cause him to slip further into the first round. They could also use a young quarterback since Garrard has disappointed recently and they need depth at the interior offensive line. JPP fits the bill for their need at a pass-rushing 3-4 outside linebacker.

He has very impressive size and surprising athleticism, but he is extremely risky. Pass-rushers who convert from a 4-3 defensive end in college to a 3-4 outside linebacker have a very high bust rate. This could be the riskiest position in the entire draft, and JPP is no exception.


Here is Part III.


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