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    So the Eagles are 0-2.  Not really how I expected the season to start honestly.  However, I have to give Mcnabb some time, he's coming off of a serious injury.  Palmer didn't come right back out and blow up, but halfway through the season, he was the Palmer of old.  However, there are a few things I need to say.

    First and foremost.  GIVE WESTBROOK THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!  The Eagles have one of the best versitile backs in the leauge, hell, one of the best backs in the leauge period.  It can't be argued.  It's a shame to think that the Eagles had to lose their franchise QB, just to find that they had a player who could get it done every game.  He is hands down the X Factor for this team.  I know Philly has always known he's talented, however the Eagles have never fully utilized his talent until last year.  When they finally rely on him, what does he do?  He blows up!  There's no reason that Westbrook's first 1000 yd season should have come after 5 years in the leauge.

    I know one of my biggest concerns was Andy Reid's play calling.  Had Mcnabb been in the playoffs last year, he would have completed plenty of throws that Garcia couldn't have.  I can't stand the Philly fans that say Garcia is better.  Those that do, don't know their football, and are the same ones that have been calling for the Pro Bowl QB's head since day 1, yet praising him when he does well.  Anwyay, that's a completely different problem I have.  Basically, Garcia MANAGED the game, and Westbrook became the play maker.  Reid started running the ball more because he couldn't rely on Garcia's arm every play.  I was very excited about this year, hoping with both of my fingers crossed that Reid would take a page out of last years book and have an even distribution of the ball, for only the 2nd time in his carreer. 

    However, here we are again.  Back to Reids pass happy ways.  Westbrook has only touched the ball 37 times in 2 games.  Since 2002, there has only been ONE time that Westbrook hasn't broken 100 yds when touching the ball 20 times, and that was last week!!!!!  Go look at his attempts, it's amazing.  That's a pretty incredible stat.  However, here we are again.  Reid passing the ball when the team is up instead of running.  Reid giving the ball to his go to guy on 3 and 4 instead of 1st and 2nd downs.  I don't understand it.  The Eagles have a weapon on their team that they NEED to utilize.  Last year was the first year they did it.  This year was an oppurtunity to do it again, and what are we doing?  Passing, passing, passing.  Reid thinks it's smart to run the ball more when Garcia is in because he wants him to manage the game, but doesn't think it's smart to run the ball when a QB coming off of a serious injury isn't performing well?  Reid has been on Mcnabb's jock since day 1.  Covering for him, babying him, and not letting anyone critisize him without going through himself first.  It's time the human shield moved out of the way and started thinking about what's best for the team.  Right now, what's best for the team is to make people fear the run, just as they did last year, then you'll have defenses respect the pass.  The Redskins played press coverage ALL NIGHT, they played man NUMEROUS times, and they stacked people in the box over and over, what should this say to reid?  NOBODY RESPECTS THE PASS!!!!!  Why does nobody respect the pass?  Because we don't run enough to create oppurtunities, oh, and not to mention, Mcnabb is WAY off! 

    This is what I'm calling for.  Westbrook NEEDS to get the ball more.  People start respecting the run, they'll have to start respecting the pass.  When Mcnabb is in, Reid is predictible.  Not to mention, the only time you don't know what he's going to do is on 3 and short plays, but you can usually expect a run at that point.  It's time for Mcnabb to become a manager if he want's to win a bowl.  He needs to step down as a Pro Bowl QB and be the Dilfer or Johnson to the Eagles.  He'll still be able to make incredible plays, but this passing 2 out of 3 downs crap has to GO!  It has to go now!  They need to go back to the playcalling they used last year to succeed this year.  Reid needs to stop shielding his QB, needs to realize that it's time to make Westbrook the man, and get it done!


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