Guys and gals if there are any other than myself. Most fin fans are long suffering ones, I have to say it's funny that someone out here should mention letting Taylor go so he can win a ring, I said that very same thing Sunday watching them play. It's too bad our team isnt loaded on both sides of the ball with guys like Taylor and Thomas, we would be unstoppable. I give the guys credit for sticking with the Fins, thru all the coaches. Johnson meaning Jimmy was a joke, he got out before the world realized he isnt that great of a coach, he walked into a great team in Dallas back then. Call me crazy, if you want. Shula was great, but sadly he is gone. Look at the coaches after him, not one of them except Wansdat (spelling sorry) stayed for any length of time, and the moron that  took his place, said in front of millions, Iam not leaving Miami, what a jerk, liar etc. Think of these players who have been there for years what they must think about previous coaches, they dont care enough about us to stay, why should we play well then? It shows them that they didnt believe in the Fins. Today it is all about the MONEY!!!!!!!!!! No loyalty. Yes I know that Marino was almost traded, but Shula beleived in him and knew that he wanted to finish his career with Miami, hence no ring, not Dan's fault, though most fans will say that he wasnt great because he didnt win one, well you cant win it alone. We need a QB, in a big hurry Green is pitiful, he needs to pay attention to his team colors, I think he is color blind, 4 INT, I remember the Thanksgiving Day Dan threw many INT's but he had neck problems, what is Green's excuse? and who was the genious that got him anyway? I personally feel that this new coach of ours, should sit Green out a game, and give the other guys a shot, you never know what you have on the bench sometimes, take Green, when he went out his rookie year, and in comes Warner MAN! I know I have rambled here, but had to let it out LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and Hu non football owner zenga should sell the Fins, he stinks as an owner. I hope Taylor stays, but if he has to go, I hope he gets his dream (ring).

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The NFL's best defender on the block?
The NFL trade deadline is Oct. 16 and that fact is important now only because the Dolphins should use the next four weeks to do the difficult thing and trade Jason Taylor. The Dolphins obviously can't give away Taylor as if he was a discarded suit in an outlet store. So anything less than a first-round pick wouldn't make it worthwhile for Miami. It's a steep price but perhaps the Broncos, Colts, Seahawks, Cowboys, or even the Patriots, could be enticed into giving up such a pick for the 2006 NFL Defensive Player of the Year.


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