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I'm going to go at this from a different perspective than my last blog of the same name. Check it out if you like. It wasn't necessarily one of my best blogs, and certainly not my most popular: http://fannation.com/blogs/post/58273

I'm going to focus on the NFC East for this blog, seeing as those are the games I followed the most. Gotta stick with what you know, right? I wouldn't want to come off as a complete idiot. Just a partial one. LOL 

Giants v. Packers: Overreaction summary= Giants going down. Jacobs isn't whuppin' Jell-o now.

The Giants proved once more that they are a struggling team that might just be the undoing of Coach Coughlin. Eli might have had problems what with his shoulder and everything else he has to deal with. I'm sure having Brandon Jacobs also didn't help. Ruben Droughns as a return man? Wow. Things are shaky in Giant land. But give the Packers some credit. They had a golden opportunity and didn't waste it for the second week in a row. Some of you in the FanNation fandom might not know about the Pack's D, but pay attention. Green Bay might just be in the running in January if they can generate some type of run to compliment the Favre to Driver duo.

Cowboys v. Dolphins: Overreaction summary= Green "Scrambled Eggs and MiHammy" is a bad pun, Dennys platter, and QB. DE Taylor had it right.

A local Dallas radio personality, the Little Ball of Hate, said that fans should all write a nice "Thank You" letter to Trent Green for putting a nice bow on the gift of multiple turnovers to the Cowboys. The question begs are the Cowboys that good or the Dolphins that bad? I'd say a little of both. I'm gradually seeing that Jason Garrett might have been Jerry Jones' best offseason acquisition. Too bad Garrett had to shove it in the face of his former team to prove it in week 2. The Cowboys offense was high octane. Not as great as week 1, but still pretty good. Romo continues to flash some brillance. If he can continue it, he could have a long career with the Cows. The defense got a pass, literally with Green tossing the ball to defenders left and right. When Newman comes back, the Cows might just turn out to be a legit contender. Their true test will come against tougher teams such as NE Pats, etc. They still might be weak up the gut against the run without their starting NT though. Guess we'll see in the coming weeks.

Eagles v. Redskins: Overreaction summary= Fire Andy Reid! Trade McNabb now! Shoot them off into space with the Bonds HR ball!

Hand it to the Redskins. They did a great job of separating themselves from the Eagles early on and neutralizing the pass. That buzzer beater at the end of the 1st half was the coup d'grace. The Eagles seemed to gift wrap this game by remaining one dimensional for the majority of the game. I submit to you all that the Eagles will rarely win when they throw 47 times and run only 20 times. The second half of last season's success was not in relying upon Jeff Garcia as many would think. The "secret sauce" of success was a balanced attack that relied more upon the talents of Brian Westbrook as an overall player. Don't just toss him the ball. Give him the rock to run it all over town. Marty M. and Andy Reid need to have CBuck and THunt spell Westbrook to change things up. Relying too much on the pass game ergo Donovan McNabb embodies the old addage of "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Sounds like there are some loco coaches over at the Novacare Complex in South Philly.

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