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The second week of the NFL season is now complete and a few surprises are happening around the League.  Who would have guessed that the Houston Texans would be 2-0 behind new quarterback Matt Schaub.  Not only are they doing well, but they beat a solid NFC team in Carolina, a team that experts had said would be really good this year.  I guess they missed that one.  What about the Cardinals whooping up on the Seachickens?  And speaking of the overrated Seachickens, how inept did they look on that last play when Alexander ran into Hasselbeck?  And people try to say that those two are Hall of Famers, that play definitely didn't showcase their "talent".  I'm saying the NFC West will come down to the Cards and the Niners, another one that "experts" didn't get right.  But this blog isn't about any of those teams, rather, the slow bleeding of the New York Giants.

0-2.  A loss to a shaky Cowboys team and the embarrasement of getting raped by the Packers.  Pathetic.  Brett Favre showed why it is he is a Hall of Fame candidate by picking apart a defense that should be dominating.  A defense that has a lot of known players on it and a Hall of Famer as well, but wait, I forgot, our Hall of Famer is worrying about paying his ex more money than he has, not winning.  I've always been a Strahan fan, but this didn't bode well for my opinion on him.

Injuries have cost my team a lot, with Jacobs out, who I had predicted that this would be his break-out year, and Eli having an unhealthy shoulder.  Things will definitely get worse with the team struggling as players find ways to not be on the field on Sundays.  When everyone is healthy and going strong, the Giants are full of impact players and guys with a lot of talent.  Eli isn't as bad as everyone says, our runningback's aren't hurting as bad as everyone predicted with the loss of Barber (which I am glad happened, prima dona) and we only gained on defense.  I thought the only real loss on the defensive side was Arrington, he was the voice of the defense last year until he got hurt.

I have to blame this all on one person, Tom Coughlin.  Ever since he has become head coach, the Giants have done nothing but complain and lose with the current talent since he has become head coach.  With names like Shockey, Burress, and Manning, this should be a winning team, not the lost and frustrated players that I've seen the past two weeks.  Why hasn't the Giants organization gotten rid of him?  Why does he continue with the same inept offense that doesn't produce much?  Why isn't he fired as of right now?  The Giant's need to do something huge to get the ball rolling, and fast.  It should start with the coach and work its way down, rebuild if they have to, because right now, nothing else is working. 


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