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I decided that on many of my blogs I'm far too conservative and kind. So I'm creating this blog as a way for me to make outrageous claims such as "I invented the question mark" and "Chestnuts are lazy". You know, "the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament." I'll work on more of these, as I'm sure that many of you will want to put your two cents in and maybe even throw the virtual tomato or expletive at me. If that's the case then Mr. Outrageous has done his job. Here goes...

The Eagles need to trade Donovan McNabb before the trade deadline. Maybe even now.

     Follow my logic here....if there is any at all. Reid and Morningwheg always lose their mind whenever McNabb is under center. They force the entire game upon his back year in and year out. I'm going to use Monday night's game as an example. McNabb was struggling from the week before, yet they MM and AR called a ridiculous 47 passing attempts and a dreadfully low 20 rushing attempts vs. the Redskins.

     I don't care who you have under center. If you're one dimensional, teams will never need to know what plays you're calling. It makes it easy for the opposing defense, and hard for both your offense and defense. Not even the best offensive line can protect forever, especially when your opponents know what's coming. Now, mix it up with a run here and there on 1st and 2nd, and you keep the other team guessing or at least honest. The more time your offense is on the field the less time the defense has to be out there defending and getting tired out as well.

     Back to my original premise. Trade McNabb now while you can get some value for him. If Marty and Andy can't help themselves when McNabb is under center, then trade 'em off and put Feely in there and let Kolb learn for next season. Then the offense will have to go back to being more dependent upon the run like they were with Garcia last season. I made the same suggestion back in the '90's when Cunningham was damaged goods after his latest injury from too much running and gunning. People in Philly told me I was nuts. But soon enough the Eagles figured out that Cunningham had lost his moxy and they were on to other loser QB projects such as McMahon and Bobby Hoying.

So are the Eagles doomed to another loser season where Reid admits that he should be more committed to the run all while he continues to exhaust the entire team by being pass happy? I hope not. Trade McNabb to save the Eagles from themselves. Make Marty call more running plays when they know they can't rely totally on one former superstar QB. There are enough QB hungry teams out there, but the numbers are dwindling as Atlanta just signed Leftwich. Trade Five and start a new era in Philadelphia sports. This is a rebuilding year defensively and offensively anyway, right? Might as well make the leap and get it overwith so we don't have to hear more grousing about the pressures of QB's and other nonsense that seems to be coming out of media outlets from Mr. #5 these days.

The Eagles will not win this year unless they let their RB's play a greater role in developing the run to set up the passing game. But Reid and Morningwheg know this and still insist on 40+ passing attempts a game. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Someone bring two straightjackets. One in XXXL and another in XXL for the coaches in South Philly. Or perhaps they should ship them to me here in TX?


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