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I wish the Tigers didn't just get swept in Cleveland.

Here kitty kitty.

How many times you think Jon Kitna has heard that from a linebacker?  He is what the Lions have always been missing; a tough, good passer who can play while being brain dead from getting creamed. It'd be real nice if one of their running backs stepped up.  The playoffs are a possibility.  3-0 would help; the Eagles are still a good team but they are obviously beatable.  The old lions would lose.   I'm talking about the Tigers though.

I don't expect them to make the playoffs, or if they do, advance very far.  You just can't expect the offense to be able to keep up with the extremely costly mistakes the incredible pitching staff makes.  By incredible I mean going from dominant to liability in one year.  Yes there have been injuries, but command seems to be an issue as well.  Last year for the most part, whoever they put on the mound seemed to get the job done.  This year, not so much.  For every ziare jurgens there has been a Chad Durbin.  And Zumaya needs to not become another Kyle Farnsworth; overpowering but very hittable.

I think that Leyland will make adjustments needed for next year.  A new pitching coach isn't a bad idea.  I can see a guy like Dave Duncan, or Leo Mazzone helping these guys.  If Larussa quits, the Tigers need to go for Duncan. 

I am not to upset about having meaningless games end before October this year.  The Tigers are in position to be a contending team for years to come. 

Historical note:  in 1987 the Tigers blew a road series against a Toronto team they were trailing in the standings on the next to last weekend of the year.  Things fell into place in the last week and Detroit won what was then the American League East title.  Of course, they were able to end the season with a head-to-head series at Tiger Stadium against the Blue Jays on the last weekend.

Cleveland is taking control, the Yankees aren't losing, and neither has to come to Comerica Park.  Plus the Tigers don't have Doyle Alexander.

My best case scenario: Tigers Yankees in, Red Sox out.  Sox nation is due for an epic meltdown.  I know, it's not gonna happen


If Michigan State loses to Notre Dame Saturday I might not watch college football ever again. At least it's on NBC, far away from Brent Musberger.     

NHL and NBA getting started soon; interest level low.  It's a safe bet that- barring injuries and/or goalie implosion- the Wings and Pistons will finish in the top 2-3 in their in they're respective divisions' and easily make the playoffs.  Also count on Barry Melrose having a mullet and some gritty team with a hot goalie winning the Stanley Cup.  NBA Locks: Phoenix is gonna score a lot and the Spurs will win the Championship.  Who needs stinking games?


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