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As usual, I will have my weekly power rankings for Week 2.  There has been a lot of switching since the last two weeks over my power rankings and remember that I only have two weeks to go on.  Anyway, here they are.  Feel free to comment on them.

1. New England Patriots--The Patriots are just amazing.  That offense proved that they can put up a ton of points against an excellent Chargers defense and that defense played lights out against LaDanian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates.  Randy Moss is still an excellent player and Tom Brady will have the best statistical season of his career this year.  The addition of Adalius Thomas allows Mike Vrabel to move back to outside linebacker and Vrabel looks like a beast off the edge.  This defense looks even better than the offense.

2. Indianapolis Colts--The Colts are playing excellent as well.  Bob Sanders is a monster and that defense has played very well over the past two weeks.  The Colts did get a scare against the Titans, but the Colts are still the second best team in the league and that defense is what has really surprised me.  Ron Meeks has done a great job with the Colts defense.

3. Pittsburg Steelers--I've moved the Steelers up because they're playing great football.  Mike Tomlin is doing a great job as of now and that defense playing like it was three years ago.  Even though Bruce Ariens has opened up the offense, it's still the run the ball down your throat style that Bill Cowher put in place.  The Steelers did beat up on two bad teams in the Browns and the Bills, but it looks like they're back to being an elite team.

4. Baltimore Ravens--The Ravens still have a great defense, but that offense worries me.  I know Kyle Boller had a good game against the Jets, but I think he still can't play.  Brian Billick isn't running the ball enough on offense.  I still expect the Ravens to have an excellent year and I still think that they're an elite team.

5. Dallas Cowboys--That Cowboys offense has been unstoppable after putting up 37 points on the usually stout Dolphins defense.  That Cowboys defense didn't have a great Week 1, but then the got 5 turnovers in Week 2.  I think that the defense is starting to really come together and I know it was against the Dolphins offense, but that defense is what I was expecting coming into the season.

6. San Diego Chargers--The Chargers were smashed by the Patriots and I wonder what Tomlinson has to say about him saying that the Chargers would beat the Patriots 9 times out of 10.  Tom Brady and Randy Moss sliced through that defense like a hot knife through butter as Mike Vrabel and Roosevelt Colvin tortured Philip Rivers.  The Chargers are clearly not a top 3 team and the coaching changes have hurt them severely.

7. Chicago Bears--The Bears played okay against the Chiefs and Grossman must be benched.  He is the weakness of this team, but that defense is playing really well and Devin Hester is a crazy beast.  Cedric Benson still sucks and the Bears need a real runningback.  However, that defense is really good and they're playing much more aggressively than they did last year and I think that the Bears defense will be better than it was last year.

8. Houston Texans--At first, I was skeptical of the Matt Shaub trade, but at this point in the season, it was clearly a great move.  He's taking care of the ball and he's getting rid of the ball quickly and Gary Kubiak has done a great job in Houston.  However, that defense has played even better.  That defensive line is extremely good and I'm much more surprised about how that defensive line dominated the Panthers offensive line.

9. Denver Broncos--The Broncos haven't played great, but they've won.  However, Mike Shanahan's teams usually start the first two games pretty slow and pick up their play, which is what I expect.  I think that Jay Cutler is a pretty good quarterback and he just had a bad game against a pretty good Oakland defense, but one thing that worries me about this team is the run defense.

10. Tennessee Titans--They really put a scare into the Colts and it looks like Vince Young can be a pretty good passer if the Titans can give him some guys to throw the ball to, but that rushing attack is amazing.  I thought that the Titans defense did a good job keeping the Colts out of the end zone for the most part.

11. Washington Redskins

12. Green Bay Packers

13. San Francisco 49ers

14. Detroit Lions

15. Carolina Panthers

16. Arizona Cardinals


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