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Ah, so much has happened since my last blog I don't even know where to begin. Since I'm a boxing nut, let's go to Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton. The first war of words has already been exchanged. As expected, Floyd asked who Hatton has beaten in his career. Pretty Boy then trumpeted his victories over De La Hoya and Jose Luis Castillo as proof that he is somehow a better fighter.

Truth is, who's Mayweather really beaten? He decisioned Castillo by maybe two points on each scorecard over both fights and beat a declining De La Hoya, not to mention a tailor-made Arturo Gatti. Yes he beat Diego Corrales years ago but struggled to beat the likes of Henry Bruseles and DeMarcus Corley.

Hatton is not tailor-made. He is the best opponent Mayweather has faced yet. He took out Castillo with a body punch in the fourth round. He knocked out Kostya Tsyzu when Floyd wanted no part of him. And on December 8, he will defeat Floyd Mayweather. Write it down, carve it in stone. Mayweather will fall, and it won't be pretty. Hatton will be in his face all night raining punches, and he's just as fast as Floyd. Hatton is also the most powerful puncher in his weight class, with his right hook topping out at 1,000 PSI. If Floyd catches one of those, it will look like Jones/Tarver II.

And now for a recap around the world of sports.

1. Barry Bonds continues rubbing salt in the wounds of pure baseball fans after hearing that the fate of his 755 and 756 balls will be left to a public vote. I think the greater statement though is that two people were willing to spend almost $1 million combined for the public to let Bonds know what they really think. Alas, my personal wish was not on the list (place it on display for 7 days with round-the-clock security and make it the only place in America where people can take a leak in public. People would make pilgrimmages for the pleasure.). I suppose I'll just have to go with the asterisk before sending it to Cooperstown.

2. Shut up, Donovan McNabb. Just shut up. Black quarterbacks are not looked at any differently than white ones. On the contrary, most of what black quarterbacks can do well whites can't even begin to do. Black quarterbacks generally have stronger arms, faster feet and are far more athletic. Plus, they now get equal or better contracts than white quarterbacks who have taken their teams to Super Bowl wins. Just like Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy said "Mo money, mo problems." And McNabb's in a working town. Who in Philly can identify with him? Who cares?

3. The rules of ownership in pro sports needs to change. The sale of any team should not be subject to approval by the rest, just as a new owner should not have to kiss the posteriors of the other owners and their respective commishes. If an agreement is reached to sale, and the buyer is solvent, that's how it should be. The other problem is that there's too much racism in sports ownership. In a supposedly advanced society like ours, our only black majority owners are Manny Jackson of the Harlem Globetrotters and Robert Johnson of the Charlotte Bobcats. Something is seriously wrong with this picture, especially when Carl Pohlad won't sell the Twins because he doesn't want a black businessman from Alabama buying them.

4. Who cares if Eric Mangini turned in Bill Belichick? Whether he did or not is irrelevant. Belichick was breaking league rules, and to have turned a blind eye makes the Jets just as guilty (and stupid). I keep hearing all this "unspoken rule" junk. It's one thing not to stab someone in the back. It's another though to band together like the Mafia when rules are circumvented. I hope the league makes a huge example of Belichick and the Patriots.

5. Why was T.O. fined? I'm no real fan of his, but if his using the football as a prop after a touchdown, to mock the Patriots no less, was wrong, but not turning in violators of league rules, something is really screwed up. Commissioner Tough Love needs to back off.

6. Why did the Bucks keep Charlie Bell against his wishes? This is what I don't understand about pro sports. Bell said on numerous occasions that he did not want to play for Milwaukee, so much that he even contemplated going to Europe. Yet the Bucks matched anyway. Let's hope it was only to try to get something in trade, which is fine. But if not, I would raise hell if I were Bell until I were traded.

7. O.J. Simpson needs to sue the pants off of Fred Goldman (The Jew with a perfect name if you think about it). For years, Goldman has been going around publicly saying that Simpson killed his son. Whether you believe it or not doesn't matter. O.J. was acquitted, despite the verdict in the civil case, which shouldn't have ever seen the inside of a courtroom. For all intents and purposes, O.J. is innocent, which makes Goldman guilty of libel (the chapter he wrote in If I Did It would qualify it on that count), slander and defamation of character. That ought to knock at least $15-20 million off that ridiculous civil verdict.

8. I see our local Southlake Carroll, the Number 1 high school football team in the nation, finally lost, to the Number 2 team, Miami Northwestern. Caused quite a sadness here, but it was softened when it was learned that Miami Northwestern has nine players headed to play for the Miami Hurricanes next season.

9. Memo to the Texas Rangers: Cut or trade Vicente Padilla, start David Murphy, Botts isn't your DH of the future, neither is Bonds, trade Gerald Laird, and sign Torii Hunter. Oh, and did I mention trade or cut Padilla?

Until Next Time...whenever that is.


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