Scrooge's Rant

Last week I had a good week with my picks at 11-5 and my record for the season is 21-11 which is good, but I'm hoping to get that number up this week.  Please comment and tell me what you think of my picks.  Here are my picks.

Cardinals @ Ravens

The Ravens will crush the Cardinals.  Matt Leinart struggled against the 49er defense a couple of weeks ago and he will get eaten alive by that Rex Ryan defense.  He'll be confused the entire game and I don't think that he'll get the protection that he needs.  That Cardinal defense has played pretty well thus far and I expect them to play decent against the Cardinals this week, but that Ravens defense will create a lot of turnovers and points for the Ravens.

Chargers @ Packers

I think that the Chargers will bounce back after having a dreadful Week 2 against the Patriots and even though the Packers defense is pretty good, I expect LaDanian Tomlinson to run like a mad man.  I expect Brett Favre a tough time to get anything going with Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips in his face all day long.  Even though I think the Packers are pretty good, they're nowhere near the level of the Chargers.  I think the Chargers will destroy the Packers even though this is in Lambeau Field.

Rams @ Bucs

The Rams suck, their defense can't play.  Even though the Bucs aren't that good, they sure as hell are better than the horrible Rams.  I expect Cadillac Williams to have a big day rushing and I expect Joey Galloway to tare up that Rams defense.  I think that the Bucs defense will do enough to hold the Rams offense down and I think that the Rams will be crushed in Tampa Bay.

49ers @ Steelers

The Steelers will smother Alex Smith, Frank Gore and the rest of that 49ers offense and I think that the Steelers offense will do fine against a pretty good 49ers defense.  One thing that will hurt the 49ers is the loss of Manny Lawson for the rest of the season.  The Steelers are playing Steeler football.  They're running the ball really well and they're playing excellent defense.  I think that'll continue and even though I like the 49ers, the 49ers are not good enough to beat a top 5 team.

Lions @ Eagles

I think that the Lions didn't play very well last week and they still won because they played a bad team.  I think the Eagles defense will force the Lions offense into some turnovers and I expect Donovan McNabb to bounce back and play pretty well against a bad Lions defense.  I think that the Eagles are a much better team than their record and I expect the Eagles to win big.

Dolphins @ Jets

I think the Jets, like the Eagles, are better than their record.  Yes, they are 0-2, but they lost to the Patriots and the Ravens.  Two teams that the Jets were expected to lose to ever since the schedule came out.  I expect the Jets to rebound and take it out against the Dolphins; however, I think that the Dolphins defense will keep the score close.

Vikings @ Chiefs

This is a really tough game to call.  That Vikings defense is playing really well, but the Vikings just suck.  The Chiefs do have Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez; however, that Vikings defense should take them out of the game.  That Vikings offense is just awful.  I don't know who'll win, but I'll take the Chiefs because the game is at Arrowhead and Arrowhead is a tough place to play.

Colts @ Texans

I like the Colts to win big.  That Colts defense is playing great and I think that the Texans offense won't be as good as it was against Carolina because Andre Johnson isn't playing.  On the other side of the ball, Peyton Manning will rip and tare that Texans defense to shreds.  The Texans weren't able to stop Steve Smith last game, they've got no shot of stopping Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez, and Joseph Addai.

Bengals @ Seahawks

I think that this is another toss up game.  That Bengals defense gave up 51 points to the Browns and anytime you give up 51 points to the Browns, you've got some major issues.  However, the Seahawks aren't very good either.  Matt Hassleback is overrated as a quarterback and Shaun Alexander can't play anymore.  I'll take the Bengals in a shootout, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Seahawks win.

Browns @ Raiders

That 51 points the Browns put up against the Bengals was a fluke.  I think that the Raiders have a much better defense than that of the Bengals and I don't think that the Browns put up 20 points against the Raiders.  I think that even though the Browns are the better team, the Raiders win this game because they're at home, but I expect this to be a really sloppy game with lots of penalties and turnovers.

Jaguars @ Broncos

The Jaguars are clearly not a very good team after struggling to beat the Falcons last week.  I think that the Broncos will demolish the Jaguars at Mile High.  I expect Jay Cutler and Travis Henry to have big days and I also think that the Broncos defense will torment David Garrard.

Giants @ Reskins

The Giants are one of the worst teams in the NFL and the Redskins defense is playing pretty well.  I expect Jason Campbell to have a field day against the horrible Giants defense as Ladell Betts and Cliton Portis to run wild against a bad Giants defense and I think that the Redskins defense should hold Eli Manning down.  Don't forget that this is in Washington.  I like the Redskins big.


Panthers @ Falcons

The Falcons are one of the worst teams in the NFL and Joey Harrington showed he can't play.  Julius Peppers and that Panthers defense should take charge of the game early as the Panthers roll.  The Panthers offense should do just enough to allow the Panthers to win the game as Steve Smith will run right past that Falcons secondary.


Cowboys @ Bears

I like the Bears in a close one.  I expect this to be a slugfest in which both offenses struggle.  I expect a lot of big hits and sacks in this game.  I'm still on my Rex Grossman must be benched campaign, but the Bears will be able to overcome him because their defense is so good.  If this game was in Dallas, I'd be picking the Cowboys, but since Soldier Field is a tough place to play, I like the Bears.


Bills @ Patriots

The only thing I have to say is the Bills, they suck.  Even if the Patriots don't play spectacular like they have over the past two weeks, they're playing the Bills.  I think that the Patriots will destroy the Bills and that defense will abuse Loss-man all day as Randy Moss tares up that banged up, young, Bills defense.  The Patriots will continue to show that they're the best team in the league.


Titans @ Saints

The Saints suck, their defense is terrible and their offense hasn't played very well either.  The Titans have played pretty well against the Jaguars and the Colts over the last two games as I expect that trend to continue.  Chris Brown, LenDale White, and Vince Young will run all over that Saints defense and I think that the Titans defense will play pretty well and hold the Saints to within 20 points.


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