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Certainly an interesting week for the NFL. I couldn't have been more flabbergasted by the Arena Bowl Battle of Ohio or the further falling of the Saints. With that said, let's get down to business.

The Fine Fifteen

1. Indianapolis Colts (2-0) Last Week: 1- The Titans and Jeff Fisher gave them all they could handle, like they always do, but I see no reason to hold that against them. Joesph Addai looks like every bit the runner anyone could have ever hoped for him to be, Manning is Manning, and this defense looks impressive. Although not as impressive...

2. New England Patriots (2-0) Last Week: 2- the New England Patriots. In a game, I would take the Colts heads up against New England on a neutral field, but against anyone else I would take New England. They looked amazing in dismantling the Chargers during what was supposed to be the game of the week. I feel they are getting a bit too much credit though for Norv Turner's blunders.

3. Denver Broncos (2-0) Last Week: 3- Mike Shanahan is a genius and made me still seem relevant (in regards to my lock of the week). However, the Broncos should not be in OT against Oakland in Denver in the first place. They were able to hold this spot because the next three teams below them lost. Oh that and the fact that I still love Cutler, I still love Henry, and I still love the idea of Bailey and Bly on the outside.

4. Dallas Cowboys (2-0) Last Week: 7- I liked what I saw in Miami on Sunday, TO had one of the best TD celebrations I have ever seen. It is a shame the announcers had no idea what he was doing. Marion Barber III deserves to become a featured back for this team, he is just a vulture. The Tank Johnson signing is going to look real shrewd in about four weeks.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) Last Week: 9- So much for the Browns bye week theory. They beat another team handidly that is certainly considered among the bottom of the NFL. Mike Tomlin has the boys playing though and Big Ben is still tossing the ball around. Santonio Holmes is going to be one of the better number 2 wide outs before too long.

6. Tennessee Titans (1-1) Last Week: 6- Losing by two points to the defending champs is nothing at all to scoff at. If Brandon Jones understood his job as a wide receiver was to catch passes they likely would have won. Jeff Fisher is Peyton Manning's kryptonite, expect another amazing loss for the Titans later this year in Indy. Ultimately I do not expect the Titans to finish near this high or even make the playoffs, but I are showing no signs of hurting without Pac Man. Wide receivers are starting to catch up to them though.

7. Chicago Bears (1-1) Last Week: 11- I am becoming used to their style of winning games, every week it looks like they should ose and their defense makes an unbelievable play to prevent it. I think the Bears defense is every much the equivelent of the Colts in being clutch. If they would just get a different QB, but that is the theme every year. They are stuck with Rex now. Surprisingly good game for Cedric Benson though.

8. San Diego Chargers (1-1) Last Week: 4- They lost to team 1a on the road and I try not to hold that against teams. How on earth can you explain LT's season though? This is abysmal. Turner hardly looks like the offensive genius he is heralded as. 10-6 looks more and more realistic.

9. Baltimore Ravens (1-1) Last Week: 13- If Justin McCareins remembered his job was to catch passes, this ranking might be different too. Kyle Boller looked acceptable as a QB and the defense continued to be what we have come to expect from Rex Ryan. Boy Kellen Clemons looked good for the Jets though, he is going to be special when he gets a chance. The Ravens let the Jets hang around far too long, but at least they finished the job...

10. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) Last Week: 5- ...unlike the Bengals. I would hate to be a Bengals defensive player this week at practice. The team is not as bad as they looked, but Leon Hall must have had cement blocks on his feet during the game. Braylon Edwards and Joe Jurevicius are hardly burners on the outside. Palmer looked amazing, Rudi made big plays receiving and running, and Chad and T.J. are still arguably the best tandem in the NFL at receiver. They will have plenty more shootouts, but I still think they win more than they lose.

11. Washington Redskins (2-0) Last Week: 18- Monday night sure showed something about the balance of power in the NFC East. Dallas and Washington are 2-0, Philly and NY 0-2. The Skins D made it look like Westbrook was the only coherent offensive player on the Eagles (which may be true). Jason Campbell is showing more poise than I ever gave him credit for and Cooley remains unheralded as a tight end.

12. Houston Texans (2-0) Last Week: 27- WHAT?!? Well, they beat the team ranked 8th last week and pretty handily. Schaub looks like the real deal at QB and Andre Johnson in an elite wide receiver. I hate their platoon at running back and pretty much every other receiver on their roster, but they could give the Colts a contest. Could.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) Last Week: 20- Whoah all four teams of a division are ranked in the top thirteen. Garrard is playing better than I would have expected after last year, just give the defense and the running game time they have not fallen as far as it looks now. Maurice Jones-Drew is still a buy low fantasy value.

14. Detroit Lions (2-0) Last Week: 16- I don't think anyone has more fun with a life in football than John Kitna. He gets concussed by the Vikings defense, remains animate on the sideline and somehow convinces his coaches to let him back in. Oh and he leads them on a winning drive. You can blame Travaris Jackson for a Vikings loss (and I do), but Kitna deserves credit for the win. Roy Williams said something along the lines that Kitna may not be the best player in the league, but his team would not trade him for anyone. While that may be a bit extreme, it is more true than people think.

15. San Fransisco 49ers (2-0) Last Week: 17- Maybe Norv Turner is an offensive genius, aside from Frank Gore the offense is nonexistant. This defense looks impressive and Patrick Willis looks like he will be next generation's Ray Lewis.


16. Green Bay Packers (2-0) Last Week: 21- Dr. Z somehow justifies the Packers as the 5th best team in the National Football League. I don't see it. Muffed punts by the Eagles gave them a win and a Giants secondary that couldn't cover most tight ends gave them another. Eli Manning was let down by his receivers time and again. Brandon Jackson looks horrible and Brett Favre is still a gunslinger. Donald Driver is still the show here. Alas though 2-0 does not make you insignificant.

The Insignificants

17. Carolina Panthers (1-1) Last Week: 8

18. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) Last Week: 14

19. Minnesota Vikings (1-1) Last Week: 15

20. Arizona Cardinals (1-1) Last Week: 25

21. New Orleans Saints (0-2) Last Week: 10

22. New York Jets (0-2) Last Week: 22

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) Last Week: 30

24. Cleveland Browns (1-1) Last Week: 32

25. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) Last Week: 12

26. St. Louis Rams (0-2) Last Week: 19

27. Oakland Raiders (0-2) Last Week: 26

28. Buffalo Bills (0-2) Last Week: 24

29. Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) Last Week: 29

30. Miami Dolphins (0-2) Last Week: 28

31. New York Giants (0-2) Last Week: 23

32. Atlanta Falcons (0-2) Last Week: 31


Ranking the bottom of the NFL became much more difficult to do than I imagined. I thought I would have the Raiders about five slots higher after almost beating the Broncos, but instead they moved down a slot. Seeing the Saints at 21 is disheartening, but they had a chance to prove their case this past week.


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