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I know thats REALLY wrong, but it's an estimate of the odds of getting a Royal Flush in a game of poker.  I have no idea where the card game sits with The Nation, but I need to get something that's been rattling in the ole brain box off my chest.

When the World Series became really popular a few years back when Moneymaker won it all, the big names of poker were just being learned by the mass populace and quickly people started rooting for the player that best fit the fan's own style and attitude.  For a few years after, it was the same way, poker Pro's becoming known and the occasional amateur coming up and slaying Goliath.  This part was and still is cool.  I love to watch a no name take down the best known names in the game.  It makes for good story lines and drama.  Gives anyone who desires to be part of that lifestyle a ray of hope.

Now that the game is wildly popular, stupid T.V. shows have started popping up that have turned the drama of the actual game of poker away and started focusing on the players.  Every five seconds, the pro's pop on the screen and explain what they were thinking about at certain hands and their personal trials and tribulations.  Personally, I don't give a flying flip about the players human interest story, I want to watch the cards and how the players react to each other on the table, at the time of actual play.  Hearing them complain and whine in front of a camera after the fact is excrutiating to watch.  Maybe I'm part of the minority, but I learn better by watching the hands, not hearing the people B.S. about something.  I don't mind a ten-second get-to-know-the-player interview, but it should end there.

But the worst of all, is how movie actors and other high profile people are getting involved in the main event.  Not because of them being famous or having a lot of money to do so, hey whatever floats their boats, but how ESPN will pull away from a great poker match to watch Shannon Elizabeth or Toby Maguire get smashed on by some random pro and then hear them whine and complain, that's what I hate.  When the forementioned types get reallt good and start smashing back, then by all means, focus on them.  But cutting to them just because of their name is just as excrutiatingly painful. 

Just like any other "sporting event" on T.V., I want to watch the best tangle or at least people who have EARNED their way to the top tables and then watch the cards fall.  Let the human interest stories reside on the Lifetime network and celebrity grandizing for the Entertaninment Channel.  Show us poker and the greatest at it!


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