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words that come to mind when thinking about the 07-08 chiefs:

old, slow, boring, patchy, and just plain bad, at least on the offensive side of the ball. The chiefs have made many disappointing roster moves this year, at least in my opinion. Our week three qb should be K.C. Printers but for some unknown reason the chiefs cut him. I am so sick and tired of huard going into the fetal position any time his first recieving option isn't open. I swear if i see him **** in the pocket one more time i'm going to shoot the t.v. I mean come on that's stuff they do in highschool. And it was pretty obvious in the preseason that broydie isn't ready yet, but even he would be better than huard, but that would mean the chief's putting in a qb that has potential and kc just doesn't believe in that. I mean if printers was in there he could at least get out of the pocket when and not if it colapses. And as if it wasn't bad enough to cut him, they go and sign some nobody with the last name of thigpen? I mean my god that is just horrindously dumb. Words cannot discribe how unbelievably stupid that was of carl peterson, herman edwards, and anybody else who had anything to do with that decision. I don't blame printers for not wanting to come back here, why shoud he want to go back to a team that is obviously not capable of making personel decisions. I am so freaking pissed off. And the team needs a wide reciever so they make a good move in picking up bobby sipio, but seeing that they made a good decision they immediatly turn around and put him on the practice squad. Week one kenninson gets hurt and the recievers start dropping balls so what do they do? they make a good move and bring sippio up, but then they noticed that they did somthing smart so they reverse it and they don't let him play a down on the offensive side of he ball. Yeah that will show him for having good hands. So to seal the game we throw a jump ball to sammy parker who doesn't even go after it. After all it makes no sense to put sippio in who is a big wr with great hands and somthing to prove. it also doesn't make sense to throw it to a man-beast in bowe who had already proved he could go get the ball.

And the surprising thing is that i have defended peterson for the my whole life, after all he was a hell of a lot better than allerd baird. But i suddenly saw the light, carl refuses to rebuild when it is obvious that that is what needs to be done. I mean god forbid we go 5-11 and get either brohm or woodson in the draft next year, that would mean (gasp!!) a franchise qb, and why have a franchise qb when we could have joey harrington or brian griese. yeah that makes a lot of sense. And in the end peterson wins because i watch all the games, not because i want to but because i am addicted, kc has the best fans in all of football and peterson is taking advantage of all of them, and if kc printers reads this, just know that carl peterson is a dumb **** and if we play you someday i hope you kick our **** (but we win because your defense is bad)


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