UFC 112 - Invincible is the first UFC card to be held in an open air arena, in Abu Dhabi. The main card features 2 titles on the line, with BJ Penn defending his belt against Frankie Edgar, and Anderson Silva returning to the octagon to face submission specialist Damien Maia.


Kendal Grove v. Mark Munoz

       A irrelevant fight really, Kendal Grove is looking to get back to form since going 1-2 in his last 3. Mark Munoz on the other hand is on a two fight win streak and is hoping to push his way somewhat into the Middleweight picture. Other then nearly getting his head taken off by Matt Hamill, Mark has looked pretty decent in his fight. He is a strong wrestler but has finished most of his fights by knockout. Grove won't be able to take Mark down, or faze him much on his feet, but with his solid BJJ, Munoz will have to be careful whenever he takes Grove to the ground. Although its entirely possible that Mark will catch Grove standing, I have a gut feeling Kendal is taking this one by submission. Kendal Groves via 1st round triangle choke.

Matt Hughes v. Renzo Gracie

      This seems like a huge mismatch to me. Granted, Hughes is not at the form he used to be, but he is still a contender and a strong fighter in the WW division. Renzo Gracie hasn't fought in almost 3 years. I doubt Renzo will have the cardio to defend Matt's takedowns for more then a round. I see this going the same way as Matt Hughes v. Royce Gracie with Hughes taking him down with ease and pounding out a TKO win. Matt Hughes via 2nd round TKO.

BJ Penn v. Frankie Edgar

    BJ Penn is pretty well all out of competitive fights in his weight class. Frankie has nothing new to offer that Diego, Kenny, Sean Sherk or Joe Daddy didn't already throw at BJ. Frankie's only hope is to shoot at every given oppurtunity and attempt to bang out a decision win on the ground without getting submitted by BJ, which is a next to impossible task. The more likely scenerio is that Frankie will try and stand with BJ and end up the same as Diego and Joe Daddy ... bleeding profusely. The only question is, how long will that take? I'm saying BJ Penn via TKO in the 2nd round.

Anderson Silva v. Demian Maia

      Everyone is hoping the same thing, that this fight doesn't turn out like the fight between the spider and Leites. And to be honest, I don't think it will. To start, Demian has shown in his last fights that he is comfortable keeping it standing. Second, Thales Leites is no Demian Maia. If Leites is what people call 'great'at jiu jitsu, then Maia is unreal. Maia won't be flopping around, pulling guard at every oppurtunity. He will use his BJJ and Judo to try and get the fight to the ground, and submit Anderson. Now, this will more then likely prove to be unsuccesful, and Maia will more then likely be knocked the F*#K out. And by more then likely, I mean, 6-1 likely... That being said, I have a feeling, a gut feeling, that Maia is going to surprise people. Travis Lutter, and Dan Henderson were both able to take Anderson Silva down. So I'm going to do the unthinkable, and I apologize for this, but I'm taking Demian Maia via 2nd round Rear Naked Choke!


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