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     It's baseball time once again, and you know what that means: Time for my Predictions blog. With each division I'll have a breakdown of the predictions. I'll also include the MVP, Cy Young Award winner, and Rookie of the Year for each league, the Managerial Changes that I think will occur, and how the entire Playoffs will play out. So here they are, my MLB predictions for 2010:


AL East

Yankees 102-60
Red Sox 94-68*
Rays 87-75
Orioles 80-82
Blue Jays 67-95

AL East Breakdown: This division is without-a-doubt New York's to lose. Boston will keep it close for most of the year, but with about a month left the Yankees will run away with the division. I've heard a lot of people picking Tampa Bay to finish 2nd in the East, but I think the Red Sox's additions on defense and the signing of John Lackey makes them too much for the Rays.

AL Central

Twins 86-76
Tigers 82-80
White Sox 80-82
Royals 73-89
Indians 71-91

AL Central Breakdown: The Twins were the frontrunners in the AL Central prior to Spring Training, but the loss of closer Joe Nathan for the year puts the division title in jeopardy. I think it will come down to the last day to decide who makes the playoffs from the AL Central, and I would not be surprised if any of my Top 3 wound up winning the division.

AL West

Rangers 85-77
Angels 84-78
Mariners 82-80
Athletics 73-89

AL West Breakdown: Most experts are calling for the Angels to win the division for the fourth straight year, but I think the losses of Lackey and Vladimir Guerrero will hurt more than commonly expected. I believe that the key to Texas making the playoffs for the first time since 1999 is Josh Hamilton. If he stays healthy, the Rangers will be AL West Champs.

AL MVP: Mark Teixeira, Yankees
AL Cy Young: John Lackey, Red Sox
AL Rookie of the Year: Austin Jackson, Tigers CF
AL Manager of the Year: Ron Washington, Rangers

AL Managerial Changes
Cito Gaston, Blue Jays+
Ozzie Guillen, White Sox


NL East

Phillies 94-68
Braves 89-73*
Mets 82-80
Marlins 81-81
Nationals 69-93

NL East Breakdown: It seems like the Braves are going to help Bobby Cox leave as a winner. Although Philadelphia has improved (if that's possible), I think that Atlanta will make things interesting with the Phillies. While Washington only wins 10 more games than in '09, the team's improvement will be noticable.

NL Central

Cardinals 88-74
Cubs 85-77
Reds 82-80
Brewers 78-84
Pirates 70-92
Astros 68-94

NL Central Breakdown: It's hard to bet against St. Louis and Chicago in the Central, but the Cincinnati Reds will be a real threat in the division. Although I think they will fall just short, I think that this season will give promise to Dusty Baker and the rest of the Reds organization.

NL West

Dodgers 87-75
Rockies 86-76
Giants 84-78
Diamondbacks 77-85
Padres 64-98

NL West Breakdown: 2010 will look a lot like 2009 for the NL West. Three teams-the Dodgers, the Rockies, and the Giants- will be fighting the entire year for the division title. While some are saying that Colorado will win their division for the first time ever, I just think LA will have just enough to sneak back into the playoffs. While they won't be as strong an opponent as last year, nobody should sleep on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

NL MVP: Ryan Howard, Phillies
NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay, Phillies
NL Rookie of the Year: Jason Heyward, Braves RF
NL Manager of the Year: Bobby Cox, Braves

NL Managerial Changes
Bobby Cox, Braves
Bud Black, Padres


         ALDS                           NLDS

Yankees over Rangers        Phillies over Dodgers
Twins over Red Sox            Cardinals over Braves

          ALCS                            NLDS

Yankees over Twins            Phillies over Cardinals

              2010 WORLD SERIES

                   Phillies over Yankees
                   4         -           2
              World Series MVP:
                   Cole Hamels

*= Wild Card
+ denotes that both Cito Gaston and Bobby Cox have already announced they will not return for the 2011 season.


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