It's 888 Miles to Chicago...
Well, congrats've done what I thought was impossible.  You've made football unwatchable for me.  Actually, let me be more specific...the Bears Offense has made football unwatchable.  I can't focus on the screen when they're on...cause well...I'll go into convulsions.  And no, this is not a Rex's the whole offense...

Due to the brilliance of Sunday night football, this was the first Bears game I got to see this year.  What I was hoping to see, and what I saw....well...they didn't quite meet up...

I hoped to see signs of life from the offense...

...instead the offense made me want to puke...became a commercial break to run and get food...or just became a recurring punch line.

I hoped to see the best Defense in football shut down a great offense...

...what I saw was the Best defense in football get worn down by injuries, and the complete demoralizing play of the offense.

I hoped to see an old school Bears offense...just grinding the football with a big back...

...what I saw was a running back that was so scared of fumbling that he wasn't seeing the hole.

I hoped to see the Offensive Line blow Dallas off the ball...give Rex time to throw...and open huge holes...

...what I saw was the line played decently in the first half...but then slowly fall apart in the second half...allowing anyone with a star on their helmet through.

I hoped to see the NFC Champions play like they can...

...what I saw was the 2006 NFC Champions have a long road ahead, but the 2007 NFC champs might just have passed through Chicago.

Before all the Bears haters out there start saying "I told you so" or "you had the same problem last year"...let me finish my thought...

Last year, the Bears offense was frustrating to watch...but they had the big play.  Rex to Berrian...Jones on a screen...Benson running against a weary D and gashing them for a huge run...but this year?  This year, there is no Jones...and therefore the screen becomes a worthless weapon.  With no running game, the play action to Berrian doesn't work.  And with Benson being the guy...and having no second back...well, it appears that Benson gets just as worn down as the Defense.  So the Bears are left with a running game that goes no where, and a QB that needs the running game if he's going to have any chance.

While the story is going to be how Rex is horrible, and how he should be benched...there wasn't a single player on offense yesterday that should be proud of themselves.  No one can say, "Well, I did my part, if Rex would stop messing things up..." 

The Bears problems on offense are minor...the O-Line, QB, RB and WRs...nothing major.  Oh, wait, that's almost the whole unit. 

The O-line...age has caught up with Brown and Miller...and Tait ain't no spring chicken either...not good.

The WRs...Berrian looks good, but dropping the TD, ouch...but Mushin...he's looking old out there....really it's Berrian and that's it.

The RBs...first, not having any depth here is killing the team...second, with the O-line struggling, it means Benson is worhless...he's not a guy that can make you miss...ala Barry most running backs, he needs a hole.

The QBs...yes, Rex has been horrible...but Griese?  He's had a shot to be the guy 3 times with 3 different teams...and didn't get it done.  You know what his problem was?  Not being able to handle the rush and throwing picks...sound familiar?  Orton?  The neck beard says it all.  There is no where to turn here...

And that brings us to the most frustrating thing about this...the way I see have two-thirds of a championship team...but that last third needs to be blown up.  There by decimating the championship window for the rest of the team.  And I hate to say it right now, but the way the Bears are playing right now, 8-8 is their ceiling.  Realizing that your team is playing for an 8-8, just heart breaking.

Maybe a little time will heal the wounds of last night...but I'm doubting it right now.

Ah well, I'll always have Miami...


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