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Yesterday, I posted my personal awards for the American League. Today is a new day, and I shall pick the winners for a new league. As there is only one other league, I choose the National League for todays' topic. Unlike the American League, the National was very hard to pick for. It took me literally minutes of looking over stats to pick my winners, really hard work if i say so. Enough rambling, heeeeeere are the picks

2007 National League End Of Season Awards

MVP: David Wright, 3B, New York Mets: Don't give me any crap about Matt Holliday being mvp. His stats are fueld by Coors field. Think I'm a liar? Look at his stats last year, the splits are nearly identical to this season. No other player has CONSISTENTLY lopsided splits like him. And that being said, the difference in plate discipline between the two vaults my vote to Wright. Wright has 91 walks and 113 strikeouts this year, while holliday has only 58 walks but 120 strikeouts. I'm obsessed with plate discipline, whadya say? Anyways, as the great Larry David would say, Wright has had a "pretttty goood, prettty gooood" year. We're talkin 30 dingers, 105 batted in, a .321 ave, 414 obp, .551 sluggin percentage, 40 doubles, and 107 runs. Not to mention he became a member of the 30/30 club. He's swiped 34 bases in 39 attempts, good for an 87% success rate. Mr. Wright, I know its hard to escape the buzz New York brings, and when you win this years' NL MVP, that buzz is gonna get a little louder. Runner Ups: Matt Holliday, Prince Fielder, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Hanley Ramirez

Cy Young: or ummm..... the Jake Peavy award: Jake Peavy, San Diego Padres. I dont even need to explain myself.

Rookie Of the Year: Troy Tulowizki, SS, Colorado Rockies. Ryan Braun has had a monster offensive year, I'm talking monster, but he couldnt catch a ball with wet cement as a glove. His defensive play makes me so utterly sick, that only the strong all around of Troy Tulo can cure me. He has been the Rockies starting shortstop since day 1, and boy has he performed. He has 22 jacks, 91 rbi's, an average of .292, .363 obp, .471 slugging percentage to go along with 95 runs. His strong defenive play far outshadows the gap Brauns offense puts between them. He is a terrific fielder who makes plays many big leaguers couldnt. He even turned an unassisted triple play this year!!!! In the real world of home runs humping sportswriters, Ryan Braun will win the NL ROY, but here in my world, I know who deserves it more. Lets all drink to the wonderful season Tulowitzki is having, and hope he has many more to come. Runner ups: Ryan Braun, Chris Young, Hunter Pence, Tim Lincecum.

Comeback player of the year: Dmitri Young, 1B, Nationals: Who else gets released by a team on their way to the world series, gets dumped, faces assault charges on a woman you were dating, becomes a diabetic, and battles alcoholoism only to come back and have the year of a lifetime? No one else, as far as I know. Dmitri Young's career looked as if it had finally come to an end after a few years of slow decline. He only played in 48 games last year for the Tigers, only hitting .250 with a .293 obp and .410 slg. He was released, and no one ever thought he would play again. He got one call in the offseason from the Nationals inviting him to spring training. He made the team and hast looked back since. In a season in which we've seen him make the all-star team, hit .323 with a .382 obp and .498 slg. pct, I can only say wow. He should have a few more good years left in him, and I'm happy for him, truly truly happy.

Manager of the year: Bob Melvin, Diamondbacks. This guy took a team that no one gave any credit before the season started, and made them into a playoff bound powerhouse. They have a negative run differential for christs sake, but he still finds ways to win those close games. Doesnt hurt when Kirk Gibson is your bench coach, either.


Well there you have it, My awards. Drop a line, tell me what you think


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