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The AFC East is kaput. It's time to turn off the heat, open up the oven door, and stick a fork in this division. It is done. The New England Patriots were the favorite to win the division from the get-go. The J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS never had a shot at the division. The Buffalo "Counterfeit" Bills were going to be bottom feeders no matter what. And the Miam Dolphins had about a 0% chance of winning this division. The AFC East has about the same amount of competition that the Pac-10 does, none! Ok, that is not true but I'm going for the every day generalization about the Pac-10.

At 3-0, the New England Patriots are a team that seem to be handed down from Zeus himself. They have put up 38 points in all three of their games so far this season. They have already flexed their muscles within their own division by stomping the Jets and Bills by a combined score of 76-21. The offense is ranked #1 overall, and so is the defense. There is no stopping this train. Everything is working, and without cameras. Tom "My Fair" Brady is on another planet right now.

Tom Brady's 2007 Numbers:

70/88, 79.5%, 887 YDS, 10 TD's, 1 INT, and a QB Rating of: 141.8

I think it's pretty safe that the best quarterback in the NFL so far this season is Brady. Manning has done well, but he even he can't deny those numbers. Maybe Brady should start getting a lot of TV commercials. Maybe it's time for Brady to make an appearance on SNL, if he hasn't already. I haven't watched SNL in a while. Ever since Ferrell left it just isn't as funny as it used to be. I just stick to watching old Farley and Ferrell classics.

Anyway, the Patriots are the NFL's best team right now. After 3 games they are looking unbeatable and perfect. Maybe too perfect, because all the analysts are bring up the whole "16-0" stuff. And some are even hinting of 19-0. I'm gonna say it right now so that you don't think I'm tree hugging the Pats, they are not going undefeated. It just doesn't happen anymore. The 72' Dolphins can rest easy for a while longer.

And all the while the New England Patriots are stomping teams the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins are stinking up the joint. They are crapping out so badly that the New England area can smell them when they open their front doors.

The closest team to the Patriots are the New York Jets. They sit at 1-2, and pretty fortunate to be there. The Jets were handed the shortest straw by getting the Patriots and Ravens in the 1st two weeks. And then I guess the NFL felt pity for them and gave them a freebee against the Dolphins this past Sunday. They are sitting at 28th in the NFL in both offense and defense. That is not encouraging. They won't be within two games of the Patriots like in 2006. The Pats are looking at a 13-14 win season right now, while the Jets look to be capable of eight to nine wins.

When a team starts 0-3, odds are pretty much against them. Teams that start 0-3 normally don't make the playoffs, much less win their division. So, I believe I can say without any disagreements that the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are done. The Dolphins have a schedule that looks impossible to weather due to their early play. Just look at Weeks 10-17. " Schedule" Judging by the Bills start they are looking at a below .500 season. They just lost Paul Posluszny for the season, and looking at their schedule it's pretty easy to come to a conclusion on their future. " Schedule". It is also pretty strange to see that the Bills are 32nd in offense, and 32nd in defense. Just strange how that happens.

I ALMOST started a throwdown regarding the AFC East. But then I figured I would be stating the obvious and would lose by 20 votes. So, I took the time to state the obvious in a blog post, and allow people to say "DUH!" in the comment section. And then of course, take the few comments from bitter Jets, Bills, and Dolphins fans.

Ready thy fork people, it's time to stick it right into the heart of the AFC East. This division is done if you can't tell. Ding! Come get a taste!



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