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 Offensive Lineman

 Russell Okung, Oklahoma State. The man is so big and dominant that his head coach, Mike Gundy calls him a "Beast." He's made for movies, Russell "Oking" Okung!

 Brian Bulaga, Iowa. Not to be confused with the Beluga whale (One of the largest whale species) or Beluga caviar (One of the priciest and rarest delicacies in the world), Brian's NFL future is sure to be big and rich.

 Trent Williams, Oklahoma. Gil Brandt, former Cowboy chief scout and now correspondent, made this assessment at the Scouting Combine: "Trent had the second fastest 40 yard dash for lineman, the top vertical leap and the third longest broad jump. He possesses strong initial punch at the point of attack and engulfs most defensive ends. He is definitely a top offensive lineman prospect. And I would go as far as to say, I wouldn't call him Trent, I would call him "TRENCH" Williams!

 Defensive Lineman

 Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska. "King Kong" Suh, another beast on the line. So dominant in college, he should be a surefire contributor to any team that drafts him. And if for some reason he doesn't pan out, he should go into law. Law you say? Yeah, Ndamukong Suh, attorney-at-law, where we "Suh" the pants off you!

 Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma. Some say there is only one dominant defensive lineman in this draft, but don't be fooled. Gerald is an explosive tackler, possesses a quick first step, a swift spin move, and violent hands. He maintains high moral character and has been the team captain since his sophomore year. Gerald is the REAL McCoy!

 Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech. The reigning 2010 ACC Defensive Player-of-the-year, "Captain" Derrick has a good speed rush, good leg drive and long arms; A great addition to any 4-3 defense. His agent has been on the phone asking GM's, "Got a little Captain" in you?


 Rolando McClain, Alabama. Several NFL coaches were asked about McClain's ability. Green Bay head coach, Mike McCarthy said, "Rolando is a first team AFCA All-American, 2x First-team All-SEC, Dick Butkus Award winner, Jack Lambert Award winner, and SEC Defensive Player of the Year, I can't "McClain!"

 Brandon Graham, Michigan. Detroit Lions head coach, Jim Schwartz who scouted Brandon at the Combine had this assessment. "Brandon is a relentless pass rusher, possesses above average run defense, has a good first step off the ball, maintains good leverage at the point of attack, and is a helluva good tackler; He takes advantage of every situation he's put in. Give him a gram and he'll take a pound!"

 Sergio Kindle, Texas. Kindle? Hmm, I have heard of that name before, but where??? Kindle as in the developed software and hardware platform for rendering and displaying e-books and media. So, what does Amazon have to do with a linebacker from Texas?

 Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, so it's no surprise that they have "developed the country's best linebacker!

 Defensive Backs

 Eric Berry, Tennessee. NFL scouts will tell you that, in terms of size, speed and athleticism, playing in the Southeastern Conference is the closest college football comes to simulating the speed and competitiveness of the NFL. Players that dominate in this conference -- even if for only one season -- often are high draft picks. Considering Berry's accomplishments playing in the conference -- SEC Defensive Freshman of the Year and back-to-back unanimous All-American -- the junior safety might be as close to a sure thing as it gets in the NFL draft. Tennessee head coach, Derek Dooley said, "Don't let the name fool you. Berry is big, fast, athletic and strong. If given the chance, he will "BURY you!"

 Joe Haden, Florida. The first true freshman cornerback to ever start in a season opener for the Gators, Haden started 40 games in three seasons, emerging as a consensus All-American and the top cornerback prospect in the 2010 NFL Draft.

 Florida head coach, Urban Meyer had this assessment of Haden. "Joe is quick to read and react. He is very strong in man coverage, efficient and plays faster than he has been timed in zone coverage, has excellent closing speed, is workmanlike in run support, and is an explosive hitter." When Joe played in his first practice his freshman year, I took one look at him and called him "Hades."


 According to Greek mythology, Hades and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon will defeat the Titans, Jets, Vikings, Ravens, Cowboys, Saints and Cardinals as well as every other NFL team and claim ruler ship over the universe ruling the AFC and NFC respectively. Given the opportunity, don't pass up the "God of the Underworld."

 Taylor Mays, USC. A highly touted prep prospect, Mays started all but two games in his career for the Trojans and earned first-team All-American honors the past three seasons, a feat accomplished by only three other USC players. Mays has the natural ability to rate as one of the real stars of the pre-draft workout circuit. With four years of film for scouts to grade, his overaggressiveness as a senior won't prove catastrophic to his final grade. His performance in 2009 might have knocked him out of the top 10, but his intimidating blend of size, speed and explosive hitting make him a first-round lock and immediate impact rookie. "Don't listen to the skeptics and critics," said USC head coach, Pete Carroll. He is "Taylor Made" for the position!

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