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1. I'd like to see the Jaguars return to being a playoff team. On or before draft day I'd like to see them sign Terrell Owens, and Lavernues Coles.  Yes they're both old, but they will show what David Gerard can do with 2 decent receivers on his team.  They would both play hard to prove they weren't over the hill, and teams were wrong to release them.

2.  I'd like to see the Jaguars draft a RB early on and get back to the 2 back system that routinely got them to the playoffs. That combined with 2 receiver acquisitions might get them back into a hunt.

3.  I'd like to see the Jets draft Jared Odrick. If he's not there, I'd like to see Devin McCourty from Rutgers.  He could play nickel corner, replace Cromartie if he flops, and allow Dwight Lowery to move to FS where he could be a star.  Its a win, win, and win.

4.  The Browns need to draft Tim Tebow with the 7th pick of the 2nd round.  If he doesn't get picked up in round 1, the first 6 teams in round 2 will already have a QB.  Consider this:  The Browns picked up Jake Delhomme (known for his leadership), and then Seneca Wallace (Known for his scrambling).  Tim Tebow is known for his leadership and scrambling, and is an all around good guy, football lover, I think he's the 3rd stringer to learn behind them for 2 seasons.

5.  Remember Toby Gerhardt? The Stanford RB that almost won the Heisman? Hope he gets picked up by a team needing a FB, and short yardage runner.  He could maybe play for the Eagles in a 2 back backfield with McCoy.

6.  I think the Raiders need to think about the future, and if Jamarcus Russell is not it, there may be a guy named Colt McCoy that could be it.  He's not strong, fast, large, or has a big arm, but he is smart and gets things done.  They should pick him in Round 2 if he's still there. He may be the next Rich Gannon for them. That is of course, if the Russell experiment is over.

7.  I hope the Cardinals can stay competitive, they were bad for so long until Kurt Warner arrived.  For them, I hope they get some O lineman that can run block that can take the pressure off of Matt Leinart as he prepares to start his first season for a team with newfound high expectations.

8.  I'd like to see Brett Favre retire before the draft if he is going to retire.  If he retires after the draft, that would leave them with Sage Rosenfiel to start?  I forget the other QB's name,but I don't remember him lighting it up either. In any case, at least if he says he will retire they will have a chance to maybe trade up or stay put and get Clausen, McCoy, or Tebow to groom for a season.

9.  Hope the Detroit Lions can get a dynamic running back to pair with Kevin Smith.  Someone that can help them rely on a running game to win, so Stafford won't be on his back so much.  Another big help would be a quick cutting shifty receiver to catch some slants for them so they don't have to rely on 40 yard bombs to Calvin Johnson.  I like Emanuel Sanders of SMU, he might surprise you next season.

10.  I hope the Chargers get Terrance Cody.  I'm a Jets fan, but I like the Chargers as well.  I think Terrance Cody will do more for the Chargers defense than Gerald McCoy and Ndamukong Suh will do for whatever team they land on.  If he doesn't land with the Chargers I wouldn't be opposed with the Jets picking him up to replace Kris Jenkins one day.


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