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We're approaching a month into the season, and there's a lot of surprises and disappointments in the NFL.  Packers are 3-0, while the Saints are 0-3. Who would have thunk it!!!  Anyway, I thought I'd like to share my predictions for this upcoming weekend which I believe is the toughest week yet as far as picking out winners.  One thing to note, BEWARE of the UNDERDOGS!!  Remember, picks are used to entertainment purposes only and will be limited to such.

MIAMI over Oakland- Culpepper won't be welcomed back by the fans.  Dolphins win an ugly game.

Houston over ATLANTA- No DeAngelo Hall means Schaub picking apart the secondary, and Schaub would love nothing more than to beat his former team.

Baltimore over CLEVELAND-possible upset in the making in this game, but I will stick with the Ravens

Chicago over DETROIT-tough game to call, a banged up D vs. a Kitna led offfense, I'll still stick with a banged up Bears Defense who will bounce back with Griese

MINNESOTA over Green Bay-sooner or later, the Pack is due to lose and A.Peterson is gonna explode..the Vikes are at home so why not this game?

DALLAS over St. Louis- Need I say more?  This game might be over by the end of the 1st Quarter.  With Jackson out, the Rams need all the help they can get.

NY Jets over BUFFALO- Bills have the toughest schedule in the NFL, and Lee Evans not breaking out along with Losman's injury are contributing to a dreadful year. Tough to see how Trent Edwards will do.

 CAROLINA over Tampa Bay- according to sources I've read, the Bucs have only won once in its last 8 games at Carolina.  Don't take my word for it though.

SAN FRANCISCO over Seattle- Most likely will be a high scoring affair even with Vernon out.  I like the Niners D to step up late in the game.

Pittsburgh over ARIZONA- Might be a closer game than everyone thinks. Arizona is the type of team that will always hang on or come back and make it close but never get over the hump.

SAN DIEGO over Kansas City- As much as I love my team, the KC CHIEFS, I don't see them beating an angered Chargers team at their house. I just ask the Chargers to please have mercy on my team.  LT is primed to explode.

INDIANAPOLIS over Denver- Too much offense for Denver to handle, even with Bly and Bailey.  You might neutralize Wayne or Harrison, but its rare you can shut down both in the same game and you know Manning will be looking for both targets.

NY GIANTS over Philadelphia- An outrageous pick, but I feel the Giants are gonna ride off the victory high they pulled out in Washington.  Eagles scored so much against Detroit, they are gonna wish they can take some of them back and put it towards this game. haha.  I'd like to see Kevin Curtis does for an encore.

CINCINNATI over New England- I know most of everyone will take the Patsies, but I believe Cincinnati will try to make a statement in this game and show everyone that they are a formidable foe.  High scoring game. Predicted Score:  BENGALS  34   Patriots 30




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