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Update April 18, 2010 Boys and girls???and Float. Breaking news!!! The matchups are here! Topics are here! -Start throwdowns by next Friday, April 23rd. -State the title as Assassin: (insert topic here.) -Better seed starts the TD ( the number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 seeds start them) -If there is any rumor or anything about fanmailing for votes, you will be DQ???ed. I will be the judge of this. If you start a rumor about someone else fanmailing, you will be DQ???ed -Do not advertise. Do not put a thread saying???check this out???. If I see it, you will be DQ???ed. - If you forfeit your turn, you automatically lose the TD. You may keep doing the TD, but you still lose either way. -If you dupe, I will kill you. Just kidding, but don???t dupe! -You must SEND A LINK OF YOUR TD TO ME! Fanmail. You can also put a link in the comments of this blog. YOU STILL HAVE TO SEND IT TO ME ALSO! -In event of a tie, I will be the judge. I am the only judge. I will not be voting on any of the TD???s (beside ties) -Try to do one argument each per day, so it can get all the publicly it can. -Wait until 2 arguments are in to vote. - I will be participating in this tournament. -If you can???t start the TD, fanmail me. -Have fun and good luck! -Fanmail me questions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- U.S.A bracket 1.)JG:Party in the Rear 16.) The Bambino Topic: What playoff system is the best? NFL,MLB, NHL, NBA? 2.) PSUinStl 15.) Clouis_39 Topic: Best Chicago Cubs pitcher, not named Fergie Jenkins 3.)MadMaxTalbot 14.)Assassin Topic: What should the UFC do with Anderson Silva? 4)The Pimp is back 13.)Bam! Topic: Who would you rather start a NBA team around? Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. 5.) CM: DANK BACON! 12.)BelichickEinstein Topic: Who will have the better career? Colt McCoy, Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford, or Tim Tebow 6.)jbfpack 11.)gonets Topic: MLB need a salary cap? 7.) I Rep the 513 10.) Float Topic: Who will be the Heisman trophy winner next year? 8.) nyy27nyj69njn18 9.) Patsfan Topic: Most underrated NBA player in the playoffs. --------------------------------------------------------------- Soviet Union Bracket 1.)Mr. White 16.)phinsfan12 Topic: Will Florida recover and have a good season without Jesus, Tim Tebow? 2.)I am RODEF!!!! 15.) Houston!!! Topic: NBA team of players from Arizona. Go to college in Arizona. Past or present or both =) 3.) Mr. Jolly 14.) flag-fist guy, going rouge Topic: Who is the best MMA light weight now? Is it BJ, or Aoki? Or is it someone else? 4.) KingAbe: Go Mavs!- 13.) Hail to the Wing Topic: Who is the most overrated NBA player? Current. 5.) Mets Fan: 12.) Dante Hobbes Topic: What sport shows more passion? College basketball or college football? 6.) Chosen1 11.) Rudedog Topic: Which active MLB player has had the best career? One pitcher and one position player. 7.) Skoorb~Colt 45 7 2zigzags 10.)Dyhard Topic: Toughest division in the MLB. 8.) SHANKAPOTUMUS 9.) Armada: the Jedi Topic:Rookie of the year???NFL Good luck and have fun! If you feel your topic is unarguable, fanmail me and we can what we can do! Good luck! Update April 16th, 2010 I will post topics and seedings once I have all 32 people.I need eight people of right now.. I will also need 5 alternates too. I will post as soon as possible. Tell you friends, hell tell you enemies!! Tell everyone...beside SportsInc... =) ________________________________________________ I know there is many tournaments going on right now....but I am going to make one anyway, because I am a rebel. I feel I have been here awhile and it is time to get involved. 1.)It will consist of 32 people..thats right 32!!! 2.)Sign up in the comments and I will post who's in and who is out. 3.) 32 people and 5 alternates Once I know who is in, I will post topics by late April early May. Rules will come... Tell your friends!


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