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Two words...

Brett & Favre

Correct me if I am wrong but when you play fantasy sports you go for the emerging players heading into the breakout season instead of a old, star that is fading? Am I right? If a veteran has an injury or off season, you put your money somewhere else.

Didnt Favre throw 18 INTs last year? Who would draft him ahead of an emerging star in Matt Leinart? Well I kinda wish that I would have.

This season Favre and some others have proven the importance of weighing track record against potential. With young receivers like Jennings and Jones - and an improved DEF - Favre looked like the old Brett last Sunday. He threw passes that were ON THE MONEY against a very good SanDiego defense. He had 370 yards and 3 TDs. Not bad for a near-40 year old man. Oh yeah, he tied Marino's record but who cares... (lol, just a joke)

Here are some other guys that are in the same boat as Brett is in:

Randy Moss

Jake Delhomme

Edgerrin James

Kurt Warner



The best part!

Start 'Em:


Matt Shaub- Against Indy last week and without Johnson, he still went 27-33. Now he is ready to pick apart the team that traded him.

Alex Smith- He has a rating over 100 against Seattle...



Ronnie Brown- Career highs against Jets last week. He will do the LT impersonation again this week.

Marion Barber- RBs like Foster, Gore, and Graham have had their way with the STL this season. Barber will do the same.

Thomas Jones- It's Buffalo, man! This is a gimme.



Donald Driver- He should have a feast on Vikings secondary; everyone else has. Plus, Favre will throw that 421 ball to someone. Why not his good buddy Don?

Lav Coles- In 2 games last year against Buffalo, Coles had 14 catches for 150 yards and a TD. That was with Nate Clements out there for the Bills...

Anqaun Boldin- He had 181 yards and 2 TDs against BALTIMORE. He looked to be Warner's go-to man.



Dallas Clark- Indy's most underrated player has scored TDs on back-to-back weeks. Also, he goes ape at Denver.



Lawrence Tynes- He is 6 for 7 this year. He is playing Philly, who seems to be good to opposing kickers.



Vikings- Though they give up yards in the air, they have 11 sacks and 5 INTs through 3 weeks. Darren Sharper has a good INT career against Brett Favre so look out.


Sit 'Em:


Marc Bulger- Bulger is on pace for his worst season of his career. Maybe due to the fact that STL dont have an O-Line. Linehan will continue to be conservative also.

Jon Kitna- After facing the struggling pass defenses of Oak-land, Minnesota, and Philly. Lovie's boys will know exactly what to do and when to do it.



Tatum Bell- The return of Kevin Jones kills him and should be a reserve from here on out. Oh yeah, he is playing Chicago.

Edgerrin James- One of the best comeback stories will be shut down. Steel town hasnt let up a russing TD yet this year.

Bradon Jackson- The Packers have ran for only 1 TD at the Metrodome dating back to 2000.



Reggie Brown- He was supposed to be the go-to receiver but I think Curtis shut that up. Reggie only had 23 yards when McNabb had like 400? What?

Shaun McDonald- He has been a hot pick-up lately with 237 yards and 2 TDs but against Chicago, forget it. Particularly in the Red Zone.

Dwayne Bowe- THe LSU rookie has emerged in KC to be the top WR. But this week Damon Huard will have the pass rush breating down his neck.



Zach Miller- Miami has proven that they shut down the TE position. Hold Witten & Cooley to 55 yards combined.



Neil Rackers- The Steelers DEF has been unbeliveable. So Rackers should find attempts hard to come by this week.



Broncos- QBs usually suffer when they face Champ Bailey and Denver's DEF period. Except Manning, however. Against Denver, Manning's last two games he has 803 yards with 8 TDs and 1 INT.


Market Watch-

+ Kevin Curtis

+ Dwayne Bowe

+ Chad Pennington

+ Earnest Graham


- Chester Taylor

- Mike Furrey

- Matt Leinart

- Joey Harrington



Well... That is just about it. I hope you liked it & check it out next week.



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