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Hey everyone,

it's been a while since I wrote a FanNation blog outside of links to the stuff. So I wanted to hit on a few subjects in sports while I have a little downtime.

The one thing I have learned from the NFL is that every year we will all make predictions...and every year many of them will be dead wrong. How many of us rode the Saints' bandwagon? Just a few weeks ago we were all ready for Bush, Brees, and Deuce to lead New Orleans to the promised land. Now Deuce is out for the season, Brees can't hit the broad side of a barn, and Bush looks like the same hit or miss back that is trying to hard to hit a home run on every play.

Anybody want to say Tom Brady isn't as good as Peyton Manning now? I have always thought that if Brady had legitimate weapons that he could put up big numbers. Well, the Randy Moss experiment is a stunning success so far, and the Pats look like the best team easily in the NFL. And lay off Bill Belichick. It's not THAT big of a deal. I love how every other NFL team acts like they don't spy. Experts say there are definitely other teams doing it. Is cheating wrong? Heck yes. But I love the fact that the Pats come out a week later and lay the same amount of points on the Chargers. Priceless.

Mike Tomlin has the Steelers looking like the best in the AFC North. Big Ben looks like he has finally recovered from the motorcycle accident, and even though I normally don't like the Steelers I have to say that I like a ton about this team. They play every week like it is a championship game. They could be a scary team in the playoffs. Colts fans know what I am talking about.

It's good to be a Texas football fan right now. The Dallas Cowboys look to finally be living up to their potential. Their defense, with injuries to Jason Ferguson and Terrence Newman, is hurting a lot. But that's not an issue when the offense puts up 30+ points a night. And can we all agree now that Marion Barber III should be the starting running back? The guy is a beast. I am still pissed that Parcells didn't grab Steven Jackson, instead going for Julius Jones because "he statistically had more long yardage runs in college." Pssh.

The Texans look like the most improved team in the league. I am even starting to lay off my second guessing of the pick of Mario Williams. How bad do you think the Falcons are regetting the trade of Matt Schaub? 

Speaking of the Falcons, Michael Vick just doesn't get it, does he? Maybe it's just me but if I am going to be sentenced by a federal judge, a notoriously hard **** judge at that, I would do EVERYTHING in my power to be an upstanding citizen. Vick will never play in the NFL again. I just have a feeling.

If you would have told me that Frank Gore, LT, LJ, and Steven Jackson would all be fantasy bust going into Week 4 of fantasy football I would have not only laughed in your face, but I would have thrown a whip cream pie and sprayed seltzer water on you. Who's looking like the clown now?  

Memo to the Chicago Bears: BENCH Rex Grossman. No, drop him. The guy clearly lacks the skills to lead an offense. Send him to Florida where he can teach the next Danny Wuerrfel.

I am not sold on Green Bay. Both Philly and San Diego should have beaten them. I know everyone is in love with Favre, who is playing better, but would you put your money on Green Bay to beat Dallas? I wouldn't.

To the MLB now, I have to apologize. I ripped on the Yankees all summer, partially because I love the Red Sox, but also because I think they're overrated. Well, the Yankees have been the best team in the second half and it looks like they can make a title run. But I still stick to this opinion. Teams that pay 200+ million dollars SHOULD win titles. There is nothing exciting to me about the Yankees. It's like playing an Xbox game and taking the best players and then routinely kicking the crap out of the Royals. Yawn. I think the Yankees are going to have a hell of a time playing the Angels or the Indians, no matter who they face in the first round. Both have excellent starting rotations, which could be the Achilles heel of the Yanks. 

I think the Red Sox have some incentive clause written by Theo Epstein that gives them bonuses for making Red Sox fans sweat. I still think they'll take the division but what a wild ride it has been. Matsuzaka REALLY needs to learn to go after batters. Greg Maddux he is not. So why try to be him? If Terry Francona is smart he will definitely start Dice K on 6 days rest in the playoffs. He statistically is better. Beckett is going to have carry that team. I think he can. But I can't say that I'm not worried. If you're a Sox fan you ALWAYS worry.

I am an Astros fan, but also love the Cubs. Go figure. As long as the Cubs don't face the Padres or Rockies in the playoffs then I think they could make it to the World Series. I am still bitter over the fact that we didn't see the Sox and Cubs in the World Series a few years ago. So this could be the year. How sweet would that be?

The NBA is coming. And it seems a lot of people could care less. I think the Rockets are going to surprise a lot of teams. The addition of Luis Scola is a great one, and head coach Rick Adelman will finally get the offense moving. I like Jeff Van Gundy but dear God his teams were the ugliest thing in the NBA. 

Suns' forward Shawn Marion wants out. But to where? Someone should explain the idea of looking a gift horse in the mouth. Marion is a great player, skilled on both the offensive and defensive side, but he will not find a better situation than the one he is in. Steve Nash is the equivalent of Santa Claus on the Phoenix Suns team. Why would you want to leave Santa? Jeremy Piven from Entourage needs to gets Amare Stoudemire and Marion in a room and tell them "Hug it out****." I am sick of seeing the Suns fall short. They're just too good not to be in the NBA Finals.

Well, that's what I have for now. I'll put another blog up soon. 


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