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Let me preface this blog with the following: I am a huge Shawn Marion fan, and I am also an alumnus of UNLV; however, that being said, I am very displeased with the recent events surrounding the trade request/demand made.

Shawn? May I call you Shawn? How about 'Trix instead? I know that you've taken rather well to Kenny Smith's moniker since he spontaneously applied it to you during your rookie season. It's rather fitting to you, don't you think? I mean, you're all over the place, man; Just like Neo, you're constantly leaping, swatting, dunking, slashing, stealing.. the list goes on.

How about your squad, the Suns? Talent laden and perennially near the top of the NBA's elite. Sure, you're not the "man" as you might like, but don't you think you've had it pretty good during your tenure? I mean, you've averaged nearly a double-double your entire career with a multitude of personnel chages yet, through it all, you've remained the constant rock-like foundation the Suns need. That said, it's time to finally get the recognition you rightfully deserve, monetary compensation you've earned, and a chance to shine, right? Of course it is...

... but, if you honestly think that you're going to get the same opportunities you've enjoyed thus far somewhere else, you're in for a mighty big surprise. How so? Let me explain each point specifically:

First, we all know you're unhappy with the "lack" of respect you've been shown while playing for the Suns. First it was Jason Kidd, then Amare Stoudamire, then Stephon Marbury, and now Steve Nash. Joe Johnson even snuck in there a little bit and stole some of your thunder. That's got to bother a man deep down. You've been dissed something proper, right? I should think not. You KNOW just how valuable your contributions to the team have been during your time here, even more so than Amare; even more than Nash for the most part. Some might try to disagree, but you're the workhorse. You know it and relish it. Maybe you feel slighted by the lack of big time endorsements that your other teammates have and the perpetual trade rumors that seem to persist each and every summer. I know you've got The Room Store, and that's it. Does it matter? Honestly? Why? You've got boatloads of cash as it is, what's a minor pittance more going to be? Think LeBron needs all that extra money Microsoft is giving him? Or Tiger Woods and AMEX? They'll never spend all that, and neither would you. As far as the trades are concerned, get over it. You're in demand, see? Everyone that's anyone is interested. Now THAT'S popularity.

Secondly, you're upset about the money and the lack of an extension at this point, aren't you? I can see how that might get under your skin seeing as much as you do for the franchise. You're already one of the highest paid players in the league, and yet you want more. You already know what ownership has done to cut payroll to keep the core of the team, you included, intact. If not, ask Kurt Thomas and James Jones. Think they miss playing for your Phoenix Suns? You betcha. Want to use my phone to ask them personally? No? Okay.. That's fine. You do realize that you are alienating yourself by asking for this insane amount of money, right? Take a look in the mirror, my friend. As one basketball company's ad campaign states, "It takes FIVE." You are but ONE of those five, and the amount of money you're wanting sure makes it hard to keep you here. Sadly, you're not going to get that money anywhere else.

Finally, based on your style of play, you're a perfect fit for maybe 5-8 teams in the league, most of which reside in the Western Conference. There's no way that Stever Kerr (or any sensible GM) would trade you to a rival. It's been made public that you'd like a chance to shine with a certain Mr. Bryant from the L.A. Lakers. As great a pipe dream as this might be, FORGET IT. There's no one, not even Lamar Odom, the Lakers have that can contribute in the manner you do. Besides, if you haven't noticed, there's a deep seated resentment  of the Lakers. Ask Raja Bell. Thus, no trade for you- at least not there. If you go anywhere, it's east: you may have killed one trade by your refusal to go and bring in a worthy replacement, but that won't happen again. This time you'll go, like it or not.

So, let me write up this prescription for some "play hard, play fast, win a championship, and stop your complaining" pills so you can get back to doing what you do best: leaping, swatting, dunking, slashing, stealing.. just like Neo.

Thanks for coming, Mr. Marion. Please don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out. Oh, by the way, thanks for sitting patiently and listening. My receptionist will let you pick two pieces of candy this time.



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