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This has been one hell of a start to the season. The birds are 1-2 but don't fret iggles fan this was just a fluke.  Mark it down, the birds will finish 10-6 or better. Heres why:

the NFC EAST is bad.  The dallas cowboys are not the best team in the nfc personally it is the packers.  If the packers can figure out to run the ball i think they have a legit shot at the bowl.  Donald Driver is bar none the most underrated receiver in the game. During the Eagles vs Packers if it wasn't for dumb play calling and crappy special teams the birds would have had that game.  The redskins are an up and comming team in the nfc, i still believe this is a 9-7 team that will win the wild card.  The eagles had that game too but the lackluster receiving and an non mobile mcnabb lost that game.  The giants like i said earlier are one of the worst team in the league.  If it wasn't for gibb's state of dementia and thinking its still 1982 the giants would have lost that.  Seriously who runs your second string running back on fourth and goal when you got one of the best backs in the league on the sidelines.  that call wasn't the one that did them in, it was the lack of aerial attack in the second half.

the rest of the season the eagles play the afc east and the nfc north. The toughest team in the north has past.  Because of the bad management in the chicago front office i think this is gonna be the end all for the team.  Grossman thinks he is brett farve but he has half of the talent.  Farve might throw alot of picks but its usually when hes getting attacked or hes trying to do to much.  Rex can screw up a screen pass.  Sorry chicago but Griese is not the answer and benson has more talent then thomas jones with fifth of the heart.  See For bears fans mark this down because i know football pretty good, this guy will do enough to retain his starting job then when he is in the last year of his contract he'll blow up.  He reminds me of how shaun alexander was before contract time.  The vikings are bad 6-10 team at best, and detroit has passed.  Other then the pats the afc east is a joke.

around the rest of the league.

Why is shawne merriman the face of the nfl right now.  I'm a philly fan through and through but heres my logic.  Barry bonds gets criticized where ever he goes but every media outlet except in san fran but in the nfl merriman takes roids and gets caught, which is something that did not happen with bonds, and then becomes the nike spoke model.  Steriods have a bigger impact in a sport where theres physical contact with other players.

the Patriots are thieves.  The damage maybe be done but that stuff has been done for years and probably others were doing it to.  Thats the only reason i could see for this slap on the wrist.  I think bellicheck should have been suspended for 6 games on top of the other stuff because thats the only way to know for sure that they are as good as they are. since the nfl would not do it i believe that every time new england goes away to play the opposing team should picket the stadium and let them know.  This is not a nack on tom brady because i still think he is the best in the league.  Just remember this  Bellicheck did not probably think this up on his own.

the colts are better then last year. as scary as that sounds.  On the flip side you gotta love head coach norv turner because he can turn around any franchise.  In the wrong direction that is.

The saints had heart last year or the other teams felt bad for them because that defense is just as bad as last year.  Its time for bush to become who is supposed to become and i think he is gonna be stellar but that line looks like crap.

Matt Leinart is not a crappy qb.  Hes a second year qb under an offense that is nothing like the one in the previous year or anyting like the one in USC.  USC uses a form of hybrid west coast offense which is something that the new coach is not working with.  IF this crap with kurt warner keeps going on i think any team who is a west coast offense should look into him if they don't have a qb.  A good example green bay or tampa.  Green bay because if farve wins this year he'll likely retire.  Something andy reid learned over time was to uses his qbs talent such as mcnabbs big arm.  in the first 5 years mcnabb never went deep but then they started to go deep and incorporate a shot gun offense which keeps the eagles offense with the best in the league.  Whisenhunt should be trying to adjust to leinarts talent and ability.

lastly with the eagles.  is it so much to ask for a guy who can return punts or kicks. i don't remember seeing a good return since brian westbrook or maybe even brian mitchell.  Where were they when allen rossum was on the market.  Sorry greg lewis is not valuable then a consistent special teamer. we have had lewis for years and with the exception of lj smith i don't think anyone has dropped or trapped more balls.  The problem is that reid is lacking an edge he signs people who he likes personally not professionally.  Reno mahe was on the team three years and at the end of his contract no one even looked at him.  buckhalter who is constantly injured even had another team offer.  For god sake pinkston has found two teams since the eagles.  JR Reed had a stake go through his leg and he still got offers.  reno never had a signficant injury and did not receieve any offers.  Greg lewis is the same story he keeps making the team because reid likes him.  He has never been a good receiver and never will be at the pro level.  So why do we waste the roster spot jeremy bloom showed a good deal of promise in the preseason games and his returns were way better then mahes.
one rumor i want to address is one that reid is leaving at the end of the year and jon gruden is comming back.  Win or lose i think that would be wonder full, the lead by example concept has not worked and we need someone whos gonna get in there face.  If i were them i would started eyeing and possible trade they can make for a returner.


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