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Round 1 #24 overall- Charles Brown OT (USC)

By far the biggest need is on the O-line, and preferable OT since they have two old tackles (Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher).  Brown fills this need.  Brown being in a pro offense at USC should be able to help out immediately.

Round 2 #56 overall- Toby Gerhart RB (Stanford)

Green Bay has needed a backup running back for a while now, and a guy that can carry the load to give Grant a break.  Gerhart could develop into a solid starter as well.  Should take some pressure off Grant, and give the Packers a better threat on the ground.


Round 3 #86 overall- Rennie Curran OLB (Georgia)

The Packers lost Kampman to free agency, so they need another 3-4 OLB.  Last draft the Packers drafted Clay Mathews and Brad Jones, who both had stellar second halves, but the Packers would like another young OLB so that they can rotate three and not have to worry in case someone gets injured.


Round 4 #122 overall- Myron Rolle SS/CB (Florida State)

The Packers need a strong saftey, to go with Pro Bowler Nick Collins in the back field.  The Packers thought Bigby would be the answer, but he has struggled with injuries, and hasn't been able to get the job done against the pass when healthy.  Rolle would be a player drafted around the second round if he did not go to Oxford.  Rollle can also play CB for the Packers if they get injured as badly as they did last season.  The Packers also have two older starting CB that will need to be replaced soo (Al Harris, Charles Woodson).  Rolle would be a great pickup.  He is also an extremely intellgent player and has great speed, and plays both the pass and run good.  If the Packers have to move up to the third round to get another third rounder if interest grows, it will be worth it.


 Round 5 #154 overall- Jason Fox OT (Miami)

Like previously stated, this is a big need for the Packers.  Fox could sit next season and learn from two great pros in Clifton and Tauscher, before getting a shot in a year.  Fox could be great tackle and has tons of potential.  He also has great size being 6'7" and 314 pounds.


 Round 5 #169 overall- Syd'Quan Thompson CB (Cal)

Like I said before, the Packers have a need at the CB position.  The Packers were killed in the playoffs by the Cards passing attack.  Although that has a lot to do with injuries, the Packers still need another CB as Harris and Woodson are getting real old.  Although the Packers hope Blackmon and Tramon Williams will one day fill Woodson's and Harris' shoes, the Packers need another CB to make sure they have the future solid.


Round 6 #193 overall- John Estes C (Hawaii)

The entire offensive line is a need, and Estes should provide solid depth, and has potential to be a future starter.


Round 7 #230 overall- Matt Dodge PT (East Carolina)

The Packers have had a weakspot at the punter position for a while.  Field position is huge in the game of football, and a good punter can go along way in winning football games.  Matt Dodge is the top ranked punter, and the Packers should snap him up.


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