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All-NBA Defensive First Team C: Dwight Howard Dwight is once again this year???s DOY and it is obviously a no-brainer his position on this first team therefore. With his length and athleticism he gives opposing players trouble in the middle. PF: Tim Duncan T-Duncs is getting old, but his defense continues to give opposing players trouble. His instincts and shot-blocking ability, have given the Spurs another dimension for years now, you never know, he???s getting old, and his game is beginning to ???deteriorate???, so this could be the last time you see him with these other great defenders. SF: Gerald Wallace Gerald Wallace was certainly a Most Improved Player of the Year candidate and he played his best basketball this year since coming into the league almost a decade ago, he plays well on both ends but his defense is tough and being as athletic as he has earned this spot. SG: Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant. Perennial all-star and MVP candidate he has become a fixture on these teams come the end of a season, this is just one more to add to the list. PG: Rajon Rondo Rajon Rondo is the best guard defender in the league, he is an incredibly skillful ball hawker, and gives some of the league???s best guards trouble night in and night out. All-NBA Defensive Second Team C: Andrew Bogut Bogut is a great big man, and is in great company on this list. This was Bogut???s year as he lead a sure-to-be-lottery-bound Bucks team. He had the best year of his career until a broken arm left him bench bound come postseason. PF: Josh Smith Josh Smith performed well all season on both ends of the court, his defense has always been there and for a 6-9 player he is incredibly athletic and blocks shots at will. He is sure to be a fixture on this list for years to come as well. SF: Ron Artest Ron Artest is someone who has always been one of the most versatile players of this generation. He???s able to guard every position on the floor and do it effectively. The job of this man has always been to score 20 points and hold his opposition to under20, usually a star who averages 25-40 ppg a game. Ron Artest has always been a great defender and his time on these lists may be coming to an end, but for now, he???s one of the greats. SG: Dwayne Wade Wade is a great defender and he plays both ends effectively, his defense, like many great players is often overshadowed by his incredible offensive skills, that???s the case for most shooting guards particularly. PG: Kirk Hinrich Kirk has always been a great defender who has continued that once again this season. Early trade rumors of him moving on to the Lakers would have been huge for the Lakers organization, and for Hinrich, when it comes to great PG defenders he is one of the best. Honorable Mention C: Kendrick Perkins PF: Anderson Varejo SF: LeBron James SG: Matt Barnes PG: Chauncey Billups


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