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The Cards are fifteen games into the 2010 season, and all in all I think we have to say it's been a successful April to this point.   The Birds have taken 2 of 3 in five straight series to open the season with an NL-Central leading 10-5 record.   To some degree, the season has gone according the script:  the offense has been strong, the rotation has been strong (and maybe even better than expected), and the bullpen has had it's share of struggles.  Pretty much along the lines of what we thought was going to happen.

Random thoughts on the first fifteen games:

-  Is anyone else concerned that a vast majority of our runs are coming via the longball?   The home runs are all well and good as long as they are coming consistently, but what happens when the team goes through the inevitable dry spell on hitting the ball out of the park?    Will this team be able to manufacture runs when they need to?

-  The bullpen remains the weak link in my opinion.   I've talked about it a lot already this year, so I won't go into great detail,  but I do have to give some credit to Ryan Franklin.  After a slow start, he's been solid lately if unspectacular.   I still get uneasy every time we hand the ball over to the 'pen, though.

-  How long until Allen Craig gets sent down?   He's 1 for 14 and not exactly adding a lot.

-  After a hot start then a week long dry spell, Colby Rasmus has pounded the ball in his last four games.   His last four?   7 for 16, 3 HRs and 7 RBIs.  Maybe more impressive than the numbers though, is the way he is hitting the ball with authority.   I predicted a big year for Colby and I'll stick with it.    He'll hit 28 HRs and drive in 90.

-  It's curious to me the way the Cards have handled Bryan Anderson.   A couple of years ago they touted him as the best catching prospect in the history of the world, and now he's almost an afterthought.    On the FSN broadcast the other night when he was catching, it was talked about how the Card pitchers weren't used to working with him.   If they planned to bring him up as the third catcher, why did Matt Pagnozzi get nearly all the playing time as the 3rd catcher during spring training?

-  Kyle Lohse has me a bit worried.  He's had one good start, a mediocre one and a terrible one.   He just doesn't look sharp when I've seen him pitch.   Walks are hurting him and his control seems off.

-  That being said, the rotation overall has been awesome.   Garcia, Wainwright and Penny have yet to have a bad start, and really out of 15 games there have been only two really poor starts from the rotation.   They keep that up and the Cards are going to walk away with the Central.

-  I'm obliged to mention something about Albert.  He may have been in a little funk this week, but he came out from Opening Day on swinging the bat.   I think he's well on his way to a 4th MVP.



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