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All-Rookie First Team F: DeJuan Blair I knew right away that this guy was going to be good, and when he fell to the 37th pick I was astounded and flabbergasted, the reason stated by most teams was that he was a liability due to his bad knees, and current weight. This is someone who every team would have loved to have on their team this year he???s been terrific for the Spurs and under the supervision of Duncan he should be a solid player, if not a great player in the next few years. F: Taj Gibson Taj Gibson is known as the steal of the draft, he was projected to be a much lower pick, but has been a perfect pick for the Bulls this season. I have to admit, at the beginning of the season I had certain doubts that Del Negro???s choice to start Taj over Tyrus was a logical move. The fact is that next year and years to come he???ll be an effective player whether he???s coming off the bench or is in the starting lineup. G: Tyreke Evans Tyreke Evans is almost a lock to win the Rookie of the Year award. He put up impressive numbers for the Kings this season. But that is something you need to remember, he put up those numbers for the Kings, who on their roster helps out with the scoring beyond Evans, he is a rookie on a **** team, so whoop-de-doo on this award. G: Stephen Curry Curry was a great rookie as well this season. He played occasionally behind Ellis and occasionally with Ellis. Unlike Evans, Curry played for a better team, another team that didn???t make the playoffs, but a better team overall, players talent wise. If I was able to give the award to a rookie, I???d choose Curry over Evans or Jennings. G: Brandon Jennings Along with Evans and Curry, Jennings was the third pick for ROY. He played a great game, early in the season, and as the season progresses he hit the ???rookie wall??? and his numbers dipped, sort of hard to score 40+ a night though. Jennings is the one player of the three guards whose team made the playoffs, and Jennings was a big part of that. All in all you can expect great things out of Jennings and the Bucks in years to come. All-Rookie Second Team F: Jonas Jerebko Jonas was a real surprise this season, Detroit drafted two forwards in last years draft, and Jonas was the lower pick, and he has outplayed Daye this season. His defense is solid, and if his offense can improve then he should have a great career in this league. F: Jordan Hill Jordan Hill. He played horrible in the beginning of the season with New York. Why is that? Because Mike D???Antoni didn???t give the kid a chance to play. You???ve got to admit, D???Antoni is a real ****, if you don???t agree with him, or kiss his ass, then you won???t play and he???ll get you off his team in a hurry-Hughes and Hill, and soon to be McGrady. G: Darren Collison I give Darren this honor, because he played like the best point guard in the league, while the best point guard in the league was out with an ankle injury. This is going to become an issue in New Orleans next year, much like the Millsap-Boozer issue in Utah. Collison has a real chance to be a future all-star, especially under the supervision and know-how of Chris Paul. G: Wesley Matthews I???ve got to give this to Matthews for one reason only. Matthews was an undrafted rookie who landed on a Utah team, and became a starter at the shooting guard position, on a Jazz team that is certainly an elite team in the league. Impressive for an undrafted rookie. G: Ty Lawson Ty Lawson had a great year for Denver, playing behind all-star Chauncey Billups, and should have a great future for the Nuggets. Chauncey is getting older and as that happens they???ll need someone to take over the one spot on a good Denver team. This man is a flash, he has incredible speed and versatility, speed especially laterally. Honorable Mention C: Serge Ibaka F: Chase Budinger F: Omri Casspi G: Terrence Williams G: Marcus Thornton


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