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Okay so, the two Brooks??? have been chosen as the coach of the year, and the most improved player of the year respectively. The other awards include defensive player of the year, MVP, rookie of the year, and 6th man of the year. So let???s take a look at some of these awards and candidates for them. MVP 1.) LeBron James LeBron is a lock for the MVP, and it???s his second in two seasons, this isn???t his first and it won???t be his last. His numbers are impressive as usual 29.7ppg, 7.3rpg, and 8.6apg, on a very good Cleveland team. 2.) Dwight Howard Dwight had another solid season for the Magic. His defense was solid as per usual and he???ll be in the defensive outlook later. He lead the Magic to a two seed in the East and hopes to make another run to the NBA Finals again this year. He averaged 18.4ppg, 13.2rpg, and 2.8bpg. 3.) Kevin Durant Kevin Durant should be on this list for years to come, and his outbreak season that has lead his team the Thunder to the NBA Playoffs for the first time ever, also capturing the scoring title by averaging 30.1ppg, 7.6rpg, and 1.4spg. 4.) Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant is an annual MVP contender and this year is obviously no different, he led the Lakers to the one seed in the West and is looking for the second championship in two years. He averaged 27ppg, 5apg, 5.4rpg, and 1.5spg. 5.) Carmelo Anthony Carmelo Anthony had a great season for the Nuggets. He played like the player he???s always been capable of being, this was the year he went from all-star to superstar. He averaged 28.1ppg, 6.6rpg, 3.2apg, and 1.3spg. Defensive Player of the Year 1.) Dwight Howard Howard will be a lock for this award every year for the next five years, that is if he can stay healthy and in top form. The truth is he is that good on the defensive end. 2.) Gerald Wallace This was Wallace???s best year in the League since his arrival nine years ago. Much of that had to do with Emeka???s departure, he was able to snag more rebounds and he played a much more well rounded game particularly on the defensive side of the ball. 3.) Anderson Varejo Varejo has been a big presence for the Cavs down low. He defends well, and is quicker than most players his size and at that position, he also has learned how not to flop, and has become more aggressive because of that. 4.) Thabo Sefelosha Thabo has been a great player for the Thunder again this year. He had the task of guarding some elite guards and forwards and he did it effectively. He should be a fixture on this list for a few more years. 5.) Josh Smith Much like a lot of the young players on this list, Smith should be an annual contender for DOY, he hustles well blocks shots, and plays lockdown defense. He, like other Hawks players is very underrated and that has been the cause of motivation for him on both sides of the court 6th Man 1.) Jamal Crawford Jamal will be this year???s 6th man, after Carl Landry was traded to SAC and became a starter, this became Jamal???s award to lose, but his play offensively off the bench and his semi-improved defensive effort will lead to his 6th man of the year award. 2.) Jason Terry Terry was last year???s 6th man, and after the arrival of Butler, Terry was put back on the bench and was a constant force for the Mavs off the bench. 3.) Anderson Varejo Varejo had a great year for the Cavs, playing solidly off the bench, known more for his defensive presence he does play fairly well on both sides of the court. 4.) Lamar Odom Odom is a great fixture on the Lakers squad, since the arrival of Artest, Odom usually a starter was thrust into a bench role for the defending champs, and has thrived. 5.) J.R. Smith Smith is a great shooter who comes off the bench for the Nuggets and averages just over 15ppg. Rookie of the Year 1.) Tyreke Evans Tyreke will be named this year???s ROY, though I believe he wasn???t the best choice for the award. He played solid basketball and averaged over 20ppg as a rookie, but he did it while playing for the Kings, a team with no help in the scoring department, so, whoop-de-doo. 2.) Stephen Curry Stephen Curry played solid basketball and he is a close second for the ROY, his three point shooting was key, and was a gifted passer and ball handler. 3.) Brandon Jennings He is the first of the candidates and the last who led his team to the playoffs. The highlight of year one however is his 55-point eruption. 4.) Darren Collison During the season he took over for an injured Chris Paul and he played the same or even better than him at times. His future is very bright, if he can get a starting role somewhere. 5.) Marcus Thornton Thornton is a scoring machine. He was a second round pick that I???m sure has numerous general managers kicking themselves for. Statistical Leaders Points Per Game -Kevin Durant (30.1ppg) Rebounds Per Game -Dwight Howard (13.2rpg) Assists Per Game -Steve Nash (11apg) Steals Per Game -Rajon Rondo (2.4spg) Blocks Per Game -Dwight Howard (2.8bpg) Field Goal Percentage -Dwight Howard (61%) 3-Point Percentage -Kyle Korver (54.1%) Free Throw Percentage -Steve Nash (93.6%)


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