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This is being written at the halftime of the Notre Dame game.  It's already 23-0.  Notre Dame's defense is terrible.  I could score touchdowns against this defense.  There is no talent on that side of the ball.  No talent.  A high school team could do better.  There is no way that anyone can respect this performance.  This is a disgrace.  Knute Rockne is turning in his grave.  Charlie Weis and his team are tarnishing the great name of Notre Dame athletics.

Charlie Weis is the most inept coach I've ever seen.  On third down, he normally calls a 5 yard pass over the middle WITH TEN YARDS TO GO!  That's not going to do anything.  Clausen has shown he is very talented.  His stats are fairly good for this game.  The run blocking can't do anything, so passing is Notre Dame's only choice.  Apparently, Charlie is trying to mess that up.

I've always been as anti-Ty Willingham as possible, but I'm praying that he comes back.  5-7 is definitely better than 0-5.  For any delusional Notre Dame fan out there, Notre Dame is going to lose this game.  Tell me I'm wrong.  I really hope so, but it's not going to happen.  Ty Willingham is a better coach than Charlie Weis.  Weis can recruit, but that's it.  He chokes ingame.  He is a pathetic playcaller, and he's weak.  When he took the job, he said that Notre Dame was going to play nasty.  They definitely are nasty.

The defense can't do anything.  That secondary is disgusting.  The linebackers can't tackle.  The defensive line can't put any pressure on "Babyface" Painter.  Painter has all the time in the world back there in the pocket.  Sure, he's been pressured a couple of times, but the rest of the plays bring no pressure.  I won't insult Brown.  He doesn't have the talent.  Weis spent all of his time recruiting offense but no defense. 

I'm expecting a formal apology to all Notre Dame season ticket holders.  I want a discount.  This is a waste of money.  Funding a team that can't do anything is pointless.  If we spend way too much money on Notre Dame tickets, we expect great performance on the field.  I might as well get Colts season tickets.  At least they can score and stop someone!  That's a novel concept.  It would be neat if Charlie knew that!  Maybe I should send him a letter.

Charlie is a disappointment.  Notre Dame signed him to a contract extension to keep him away from the NFL.  I hope they take him.  Charlie is useless.  All he does is coach poorly.  It's sad.  He can't do anything.  I've never seen someone coach worse than Charlie.  No big plays, no running plays, and no blocking.  I'm speechless.  He's just such a bad coach.

I tried to stay optimistic.  I really tried, but to stay optimistic, there has to be something that can trigger optimism.  The only thing I can think of would be Charlie leaving Notre Dame.  Maybe Corwin Brown could coach.  He's been a good recruiter.  They might as well take the chance.  John Gruden may want to come home and coach.  He's got the fiery personality needed to coach.  Someone call Urban Meyer.  Maybe he doesn't want to win anymore.  Maybe he wants to reconstruct a program.  He could be the Larry Brown of college football!  Lou Holtz is available.  At least he's won something in college.  Oh yeah, Ara Parseghian is still alive!  Good.  All of these are better options that Charlie.

I've tried to be nice, but I'm embarrassed.  I'm embarrassed to be wearing green and gold.  Maybe I'm giving up.  Maybe I'm a quitter, but you tell me.  If you were as die hard as me, and your team was doing this bad, would you be optimistic?  I can't trust anyone in this program.  Who says these recruits are any good?  Who says Duke, Navy, Stanford, and Air Force are winnable?  Kevin White and Charlie Weis are disgraceful.  Every paycheck they accept from Notre Dame should be considered robbery.

In the words of Mike Gundy-It makes me want to puke.


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