Hey look I posted this b4 but its being swept under the rug!!! Not my post but the fact that belicheck C-H-E-A-T-E-D and FOOTBALLS VERY CORE IS BEING RAPED= the honesty and integrity of the friggin game itself outright cheating is a non suspension offense in Roger Goodells coach em up book??? Look I personally can't believe Roger Goodell is sending the message that coach's are above the law (Goodells Law) lets see cheating vs steroids, drug's, run ins with the law, player conduct policies etc. What about a COACH's CONDUCT POLICY??? Cheating that was so very obvious that within just a few hours of recieving the video tape Goodell determined it was a violation (cheating)! Considering all the legal ramifications and law suits that could arrise from calling (defamation of charectar etc) Bellicheck a cheater> They obviously have pretty damning evidence against him to call him a cheater within hours of getting the video tape! All he gets is a half million dollar fine and loses a first round draft pick blah blah blah. He's a multi millionaire and they have an extra draft pick in the first next year anyway! Roger Goodell is trying to establish strength in the rules he suspended a coach from Dallas, pac-man, Tank, chris henry,Ricky williams etc. But for CHEATING Bellicheck is fined and thats it oops and a unimportant basically draft pick=B friggin S. Where is the accountability and Just righteous fairness to the integrity of football not SUSPENDING coach Bellicheck. He friggin cheated any player found cheating: example using performance enhancing drugs(steroids)=SUSPENSION. Sorry but I love football and have been a fan for over 3 decades and to me cheating cuts at the very core of the game, its integrity to us the fans, and most importantly to those the players that dilligently work their butts off academically and physically! They work very hard every single day to play the game with honor and the unending hope to be part of the NFL: footballs biggest stage. To find out now all that work they did to win fair ended up not counting to the biggest coach they all look up to the most the coach of the NFL= the owners coach and coach's coach MR ROGER GOODELL. Are you accountable to someone coach GOODELL? Like the players I spoke of that worked their butts off or how about us the fans or how about to yourself and your LOVE FOR FOOTBALL can you trully wake up in the morning and look at yourself with your decision. PLEASE honor the game it was C H E A T I N G at a very high level. Suspend him from the game he betrayed it will send the right message= Coachs should be even MORE accountable especially for outright cheating in which coincidently the Patriots were accused of last year you should have launched an investigation then= Cheating very heavily comprimises the integrity of the game! Sorry please hear the fans and your own soul do the right thing after all I look up to you as the comish because till now you havent been wishy washy. Look at all your suspensions and go over the reason you've suspended them all then look at this situation and tell me you've done the right thing for the integrity of the game let alone the sport. Oh well thanks fer hearing me coach? COACH? heyyyy COACH GOODELL you are quickly becoming an insult to the game itself look up espridecorps coach geeze yer killin me here man yer killin me here and the game and nationally publicised sports!!! 


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