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I forget where I read an article early on this season, but a sportswriter predicted a semi-productive 2007 season for A&M due to the hellish road games that they have to face. I feel that A&M can come through these trials but it will take a lot of grit and a little bit of luck. Anyways the sportswriter continued to predict a very highly productive 2008 season, I am talking 12-0 season. Now that got me curious as to where he could pull such a prediction from so I went through the 2008 schedule game by game:

Game 1: A&M gets Arkansas State at home where they should have a strong showing, but Arkansas State  did manage to give UT a run for thier money....but hey thats UT lol jk

Game 2: A&M takes an early road trip to New Mexico State Sept. 6th. to a New Mexico team that has shown promise so far in 2007 but in 2006 they ended up 6-7. I will have to keep an eye on New Mexico but I see A&M being able to get a little road grit and come out on top.

Game 3: "Miami comes to town" And I only have one thing to say "PAYBACK's A BI*TCH" Miami thought the Orange bowl provided a home field advantge wait untill they stop by Kyle Field and they meet the 12th Man face to face....If you think the 34-17 Miami "beat down" of A&M this season was big......Maybe A&M can call up the 12th man spirit of 1944 the only other year besides 2007 that A&M and Miami shared a Football that resulted in a 70-14 "beat down" of Miami. All in all this looks to be another prime time game that hopefully A&M will be able to take the all time A&M vs Miami lead back with.

Game 4: Army comes to Kyle field, the last time A&M faced Army was in 2006 that "Almost" resulted in an early season stumble in San Antonio. A&M was able to fight through the game and come up with a big defensive stop to secure the game. I see another great game in between two great programs, but yet again I see A&M coming out the victor.

Game 5: A&M takes its second road trip of the season to Stillwater Oklahoma. This is a tough place to walk out of much less with a W. The last time A&M played in Stillwater it took double over time and a blocked extra point to walk out with a one point win. I say A&M again with the win, OSU just has too many defensive questions and I dont see them solved in 2008.

Game 6: Upset Kings Kansas State come to Kyle. Ok now to me I really dont know what to think of K-State, they seem to have a very Strong UT's number the last two seasons and when you think UT was going to get a little pay back K-State goes to Austin and comes out with a twenty point win...and yes I spelled it out so you didnt think it was a typo. That alone should speak volumes about thier program but if you can shut thier special teams down and you dont hand the ball over K-State doesnt seem to be able to do much. Look at the 2006 season they lost to a great Louisville team and I can understand that but they then lost to Baylor,Nebraska,Missouri,Kansas and then Rutgers. Keep an eye on K-State but I have to say The 12th Man proves to be too much for K-State.

Game 7: Texas Tech comes to kyle. In 2006 Tech had to have a last ditch effort to win and inexperince on jordan peterson an A&M defender proved to be the only flaw in the A&M armor that allowed a last min touchdown pass. The pass was well covered but the freshman peterson just never put his hands up to keep the reciever from making the play. Tech losses this one, game control from A&M proves to be too much....if you keep the ball out of Techs hands they wont amount to much.

Game 8: A&M takes only its third road trip of the season to Ames Iowa, Gene hasent had enough time to compete with the big boys of the big 12 south, but Iowa will look good losing to A&M in thier new uniforms. Just kidding everyone this is exactly the thought that gets you beat in the Big 12 or anywhere for that matter, but I was half way serious about Gene not having enough time to assemble his program to the level that he will eventually get too. A&M comes away with the win.

Game 9: Colorado leaves the thin air of thier beautiful state to vist A&M down south at Kyle Field. Colorado, well where should I begin....all I can say is if Colorado comes to Kyle playing like they just did against OU...A&M will be in a world of hurt. But I dont see them living up to that standard.....the stars lined up perfect for the OU upset in the thin air of Colorado. Good job buffs keep up the good work maybe you will show up and give us one hell of a game in College Station. I dont see Colorado ripping a 8-0 record away from A&M though.

Ok lets take a break here, If all goes as planned (which it never seems to) A&M could actually be sitting at 9-0 granted there are a few hurdles along the way like Texas Tech, K-State and Miami...but I feel that A&M is ready for a break out season behind Stephen McGee who will have finaly learned how to throw the deep ball,....J-Lane who will be full steam ahead trying to make a big impression for NFL scouts and Mike Goodson who will be a possible heisman front runner if he gains the experience that this season should provide...and McFadden leaves the picture lol. But seriously A&M could be sitting at this point 9-0 that would most likely  place them into the top 10. Two of the last three games would (granted that A&M is sitting at 9-0) decide if A&M makes it to the Big Show and no I am not talking about your bar mitzvah either, yes you guessed it the National Championship.

Game 10: The Sooners come to College Station. Oklahoma looked to be flawless but as Colorado showed us all David's can and do defeat Goliaths...I think that I will be watching too many of OU's Big play makers on Sunday come 2008 for them to be the type of bully that they are now. A&M is very lucky that this game is in College Station where the 12th Man will be nearly 90,000 strong with a 9-0 record on the line against one of the Big 12 South Powers.....I am not saying that A&M will win, I see this as a toss up less than 7pt loss to who ever leaves with a loss.....I do believe that A&M can win this game but if A&M has a loss in the 2008 season I wouldnt be suprised if this was it.

Game 11: A&M leave the comfort of Kyle Field to take a short trip down the road to Waco to face the Baylor Bears. I hope Baylor has a cave to hide in because one of two things is going to happen in this game. Either A&M is pissed off because OU shattered thier 9-0 record the week before and they come to waco looking to take out some anger and frustration out on some one, Or A&M is beating its chest due to winning against OU and having a 10-0 record looking to send UT a clear and definate message by steam rolling baylor in Waco. Now I know what your thinking WATCH OUT for baylor because A&M might be thinking ahead for UT, and you do have a point but I dont see the coaches spending too much time focusing on UT before they take care of Baylor becasue A&M will have an extra week off to prepare for the Lone Star Showdown in Austin. Either way I see A&M taking care of baylor and coming away with the W. 

Game 12: Finaly the game all Aggies wait for A&M takes another trip to Austin. OK I know you know I am an Aggie fan through and through......but I really dont see UT the way the rest of the country has been seeing them, all season I have felt that they have been way over ranked and K-State proved just that. UT will lose thier biggest play maker in Sweed and possible charles that will make a huge dent in thier long ball threat. In the 2006 season A&M shattered what ever hex UT had  on the Aggies by going into Austin and beating them...alot of people say that it was a fluke due to the injury that Colt McCoy suffered in the K-State game.....Did any of you watch the 2007 K-State game when ever Colt screws up he lays down, Colt played most of the A&M game and if infact he was hurt that just shows extreme coaching flaws in the UT coaching staff. A&M riding a 11-0 or even a 10-1 record sends a statement too who ever it may be that is in the National Spotlight  at this point by beating UT in Austin.

Big 12 Championship Game: A&M could and most likely would be in this game if they win the games I have said unless that is OU wins all thiers, If A&M is in the game they would most likely be facing the usuall contender from the North Nebraska.....but Missou has been creeping up on them......All in all I say South wins again weather it be OU or A&M.

OK now this is possible and I know its a long shot but the schedule favors A&M unlike in the 2007 season. Thier is still a lot of football to be played and we all know that this is College Football and no matter who vs. who anyone can win. Just think about it though 12-0 or 11-1 or with the Big 12 Championship Game poss 13-0 or 12-1 lol I would take any of them though, which ever A&M would most likely be either in the BCS Championship game or one of the other major BCS Bowls and what better of a place to break the Bowl curse that A&M has seemed to have on them.

On the flip side A&M could have a major melt down and be sitting sitting at 6-6 at the end of the season I dont quite see that happening but then again like I said this is what we all know as College Football and if the first four weeks of the 2007 season is any indicator this is a sport of upsets and heartbreaks....this is a game wher Champions are built and dismantled. Good Luck Aggies on the rest of the 2007 season and stay positive because big things are possible and the Schedule looks good for 2008.




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