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The Big XII.  Remember when it used to be a power conference, about 72 hours ago...


We are all fans...we root for our home team with equal zeal as rooting against our rivals.  A bad Big XII football game is better than a MLB Playoff game...


And this is what hurts...


My opinion, which it and $4.25 will get you a cup of coffee, is the Big XII is riding on Prince, Hawkins, and maybe Pinkel.  These are the coaches that are "LEADING" their teams.  Fighting, scrapping, hustling, whatever it takes.  What about the others?  I will highlight a few...


Gundy, and I seem to be in the minority, is one guy my son will NEVER play football for...and it has nothing to do with school allegiance.  A mom pointed out a news article that said a football player was a "momma's boy".  And coach, after a thrilling last minute win and key last second defensive stop, addressed and dressed down the print media, one writer in particular, and turned a regional at best story into national news.  News flash to anyone that is involved in OU or OSU football.  There is no professional team in Oklahoma (save your tongue-in-cheek jokes for later folks), and your programs are the focus for the state.  A "kid", who happens to be 21 soon to turn 22, and is one of the most prized recruits in years, fails to live up to his potential and is benched, is fair game for questions.  Questions that someone should answer.  But Ol Coach Gundy is pretty restrictive with his info, so beat writers give their opinions about the benching...and get a tyrannical tongue lashing (and applause) for their efforts.  Because "kids" should be off limits.  You shouldn't cover "kids" like this.   How about answering some questions, coach?  Like, are you concerned that your team is getting lucky, after giving up 700 yards of offense against TTech?  How about the moxie of the 2nd string QB, in a critical home conference game, stepping up and shining?  How about the home crowd, or the fact that after 1 week, and now make it 2 weeks, you are atop the Big XII standings?  Nah, he would rather scream about "garbage" and not treating "kids like this"...


But at Texas A&M, those kids, their skills, injuries, heck their very lives were for sale for $100 per month, payable to Coach Fran to maintain his website.  Was it improper?  If it wasn't, then why was it stopped.  See Ol Fran doesn't give out injury information.  So when QB McGee was hurt at the end of last year with a shoulder injury, leave him to the wolves, don't announce that injury, just give the impression that he can't hit water if he fell out of a boat when he throws the ball.  Leave this "kid" hanging in the breeze, oh yeah, we are not supposed to talk or write about him.  But Coach Fran can profit from that info...I smell a double standard.  One that few people have brought up (there is one post on the T&R Story about Fran and his web site fee).


So that leaves me with Macky Mack in Austin.  At least Fran only threw McGee to the wolves figuratively.  Ol Macky Mack put Colt back in the game after being "cleared by the medical staff".  The kid was puking after the game and was suffering from concussion like symptoms.  It seems as though Macky Mack has his head in the sand, because old timers from the NFL are really stirring it up over the long term health effects of concussions.  But don't worry, Macky Mack will just clap vigoursly, like always, and milk his "kids" for another 10 year extension. 


This has been a negative post...and I haven't touched on how Sooner Stoops seemed to have lost his magic.  He is losing too many games that an elite program should NOT lose.  I am not counting the whupins like the USC National Championship Game from a few years back.  Colorado this year, Boise St. last year, KSU a few years back in the Big XII Championship...those losses in the Bedlam Series...


I will be looking at Coach Hawkins and Coach Prince closely.  I hope their programs are clean and their kids play hard.  Mizzou, same thing, heck even Nebraska to a point.  For the first time in years, we are looking to the Big XII North and not laughing.  Because some of the shenanigans from the coaches and their decisions in the Big XII South have left a bitter taste in my mouth...


Now watch A&M, OU, and the 'horns fight it out in a classic conference race to end the year.  With my minimal knowledge of college football, it is just as likely to happen as anything else...


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