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Instead of going with the tired ol' one position, one draft idea, I went with the top 10 Heisman vote-getters in 2001.  This should be interesting.

David Carr/QB/Fresno State/2002/Round 1/Pick 1/Finished 5th in voting
Drafted By
: Houston Texans
Current Team: Carolina Panthers
Career Stats: 78 games, 13,602 passing yards, 59.3 completion %, 60 touchdowns, 66 interceptions, 1260 rushing yards, eight touchdowns
Career Analysis: Carr seemed to have it all.  Strong arm, pretty accurate, suitable speed.  He just didn't have the pocket presence necessary to win behind an inexperienced line.  I didn't put the sack numbers, but if I found them, they would have been high.  He set the sack record in a season.  That's the equivalent of the strikeout record.  It's an easy way to get cut, which did happen.  He's looking to revitalize his career in Carolina behind Jake Delhomme.

Julius Peppers/DE/North Carolina/2002/Round 1/Pick 2/Finished 10th in voting
Drafted By:
Carolina Panthers
Current Team: Carolina Panthers
Career Stats: 208 tackles, 52.5 sacks, 3 interceptions, 12 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries
Career Analysis: He's one of the best defensive linemen in the league.  He is big (6-6, 283) which helps him in stopping the run.  His pure speed and burst off of the line helps him get to the quarterback.  Peppers' career has played out just like the Panthers planned it.  He has had some drug problems, but those seem to be in the past.

Joey Harrington/QB/Oregon/2002/Round 1/Pick 3/Finished 4th in voting
Drafted By:
Detroit Lions
Current Team: Atlanta Falcons
Career Stats: 74 games, 13,461 passing yards, 56.1 completion %, 76 touchdowns, 79 interceptions, 382 rushing yards, 0 touchdowns
Career Analysis: Harrington has played with and struggled with the Lions, Dolphins, and now the Falcons.  He wasn't expected to start for the Dolphins or Falcons, but he still can't step up.  Harrington came out of college after being tutored by Jeff Tedford, who now has a reputation of constructing busts in the NFL.  Harrington has the Falcons starting job for right now, but Byron Leftwich may get it soon.  Harrington is just a career backup.

Bryant McKinnie/OT/Miami (FL)/2002/Round 1/Pick 7/8th
Drafted By:
Minnesota Vikings
Current Team: Minnesota Vikings
Career Stats: Offensive lineman
Career Analysis: Although he hasn't made it to a Pro Bowl, he has been consistent in the running game.  Playing next to Steve Hutchinson, he has progressed as a blocker, which is evident in Adrian Peterson's amazing numbers.  He is known for being in "The Love Boat Scandal", but that's in the past now.  He is focusing on his playing, which is improving by the minute.

Roy Williams/FS/Oklahoma/2002/Round 1/Pick 8/7th
Drafted By:
Dallas Cowboys
Current Team: Dallas Cowboys
Career Stats: 329 tackles, 7 sacks, 17 interceptions, 6 forced fumbles, 6 fumble recoveries
Career Analysis: Williams is a rough tackler who isn't great in coverage.  The Cowboys' defense has been great this year, and Williams is the emotional leader.  There are plenty of players better than him, but his leadership is critical.  His career hasn't been top 10-worthy, but he has been a great tackler and leader.

Dwight Freeney/DE/Syracuse/2002/Round 1/Pick 11/9th
Drafted By:
Indianapolis Colts
Current Team: Indianapolis Colts
Career Stats: 161 tackles, 55 sacks, 0 interceptions, 17 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries
Career Analysis: Freeney is the premier pass rushing end in the league.  He constantly draws double and triple coverages.  5.5 sacks is great with that kind of coverage.  His speed and spin move are deadly.  He has also improved in the run game this year.

Antwaan Randle El/WR/Indiana/2002/Round 2/Pick 62/6th
Drafted By:
Pittsburgh Steelers
Current Team: Washington Redskins
Career Stats: 205 catches, 2601 yards, 10 touchdowns, 75 carries, 430 rushing yards
Career Analysis: He has been good for a second-round draft pick, but he hasn't performed enough with his skill.  He is very good in the return game, but he has been average in the pass game.  He needs to make Dan Snyder look smart by paying so much for him.

Eric Crouch/WR/Nebraska/2002/Round 3/Pick 95/1st
Drafted By:
St. Louis Rams
Current Team: Out of the league
Career Stats: ---
Career Analysis:
Crouch is a perfect example of the Heisman curse.  Crouch always wanted to play QB in the league, like he did in college, but no team wanted to give him a chance there.  He was a better fit for wide receiver of safety, which he played for the Hamburg Sea Devils in 2006.  He was last seen as a backup QB for the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL.

Rex Grossman/QB/Florida/2003/Round 1/Pick 22/2nd
Drafted By:
Chicago Bears
Current Team: Chicago Bears
Career Stats: 27 games, 4996 passing yards, 28 touchdowns, 32 interceptions, 58 rushing yards, 1 touchdown
Career Analysis: Ugh.  That's the only way to describe this terrible experiment called Rex Grossman's career.  He never became the star in the pros that he was in college.  He's just another bad Florida QB in the pros.

Ken Dorsey/QB/Miami/2003/Round 7/Pick 241/3rd
Drafted By:
San Francisco 49ers
Current Team: Cleveland Browns
Career Stats: 13 games, 1712 passing yards, 8 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 18 rushing yards, 0 touchdowns
Career Analysis: He was always the great QB in college, but he did nothing in the pros.  He didn't play, but he never earned the chance.  He now is the mentor of Brady Quinn and the third string in Cleveland.

Those are the top 10.  Six of them played QB in college, but the four non-QBs have all had better careers than the QBs.  Interesting.



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