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The TTL: Week One

For anyone in the TTL who missed it, here is a link ( to the draft recap and results. By now you should have been in contact with your captain, and probably be in your team's group. If not, work on that.

The Teams

In case you forgot, here are the teams and their captains.

Las Panteras - Pitt Panther
911 Response! - Mr. Jolly
Dragon Army - PSU
Team Ramrod - Einstein
Dos Equis - Dyhard
Banana Hammocks - Gonets

Free Agents

First, I'll talk about Free Agency. For those of you who went undrafted, you are in a FA pool automatically unless I am notified of a desire to be removed. The current FA pool for this upcoming week is:

LA Ahmad
Rager: Costa Rica
Hail to the Wing
Celtics 1-0 Rondo

If you wish to be added, join this group: New members are welcome at any time during the season.

Captains can make moves in FA throughout the season. If interested, FM me the desired move (drop a player, add a player format). In one week, I will examine all of the requested moves and make them in priority order based on the standings (this week it's based on the draft, with Nets having priority first). Such changes will be noted on the matchup page.

Moves for this week: None

The Matchups: Week 1

Now, here are the first week matchups. For this week, since the teams are not yet ranked, the team receiving the initial topics and the team who chooses the actual 6 topics will be random. The Captain of the team on the left will receive 12 topics from me and assign them to their team (two per Tder), and the Captain of the team on the right will choose the 6 topics for the matchup, with only 1 per Tder on the opposing team (Any apparent easy win attempts I originally miss should be reported to me, and I will review them). Any questions about this, just ask.

Las Panteras vs. Dos Equis

Banana Hammocks vs. Team Ramrod

911 Response vs. Dragon Army

The Topics

Las Panteras, Banana Hammocks and 911 Response!: be prepared to receive 12 topics, and to assign the topics such that each person has 2 potential topics. Dos Equis, Team Ramrod and Dragon Army: wait until you receive the topics from your opponent, and then choose 1 topic per Tder on the opposing team, assign them, and start the Tds.

Check your FM, Group Page, or both for the list of topics.

Time Frame

The captains of Las Panteras, Banana Hammocks and 911 Response! Have until the end of the day Wednesday to assign the topics and send them to their opponents. Dos Equis, Team Ramrod, and Dragon Army have until the end of the day Saturday the get the Tds started. (Any unstarted Tds by then count as a loss for that matchup). After the Tds are started, there is no time frame they have to be completed by.

Any failure to meet the requirements should be reported to me.

Any questions on the whole thing, ask them below.

Good luck to all of the teams, I hope the beginning of the TTL is one to remember.

An Example for the Captains

I assign team A twelve topics (Topics 1-2 are NFL, 3-4 are NBA, 5-6 are MLB, 7-8 are NCAA F/B, 9-10 are NHL, 11-12 are Other)

Team A assigns them as follows:

Tder a: Topics 1 and 2
Tder b: Topics 3 and 4
Tder c: Topics 5 and 6
Tder d: Topics 7 and 8
Tder e: Topics 9 and 10
Tder f: Topics 11 and 12

The Captain of Team A then FMs both me and the captain of team B the above list (Tders and the two topics they are assigned).

The captain of team B chooses the topics so that each member of team A is only doing 1 TD. They assign them as follows:

Tder i: Topic 1
Tder ii: Topic 3
Tder iii: Topic 5
Tder iv: Topic 7
Tder v: Topic 9
Tder vi: Topic 11

The captain of team B could not assign topics 1 and 2 to their team, because team A would have one person doing two Tds.

I will be sending topics to your captains shortly, so be prepared.


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