Remember the Past, or be Doomed to lose

The Day opens at the fannation hall of fame & all you can eat buffet building in downtown Springfield

Big Ben68 walks to the podium holding a bust, no not his own, but a sculpted head of the latest inductee to the HOF

"Vigilance through on his ten team league only lasted three times. It eventually became a normal league, but no one wanted to participate. For some reason we could NEVER get everything together and ready to go. If we did, well, then someone would drop out and we'd be left at the beginning. But anyway, onto NCshvDavid. NCshvDavid, a Panthers and Carolina fan overall, has been quite the FanNation contributor. He was one of the few people on late into the night as nothing moved here on FanNation. NCshvDavid would make four or five TDs and just throw them out there for people to take. David didn't care what came at him; win or loss he kept moving. His record, at one point, was terrible, but he turned it around and has become a member of the hallowed halls of the FanNation equivalent of Heorot Hall. Now Heorot Hall is from Beowulf (a pretty good book, but anyway) and you could compare Beowulf and NCshvDavid. Both have the pride and courage to take on ANY challenge that comes their way (or they go out of their way to create), have the strength to win at any odds, and to use his bare hands to kill large monsters (DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if NCshvDavid actually did this, but I couldn't really think of a third reason, just go with it). Anyway, I, Big Ben68 would like to introduce the NEWEST addition to the to the FanNation Hall of Fame:



David walks to the podium-


Thank you, Ben

What Ben fails to mention is that he also was part of the creation of this- and he made us change the first time.

Anyway, onto my comments:

First off I would like to thank the Voters and the people at large. I'm not surprised I got in- I mean when you are great you are great. But to get in before such people as B0mbers, Big Ben68, and too many others to name that have handed me my head.

Second I would like to address the HOF itself- I consider this a victory for the loggers and the group creators- My record is not outstanding but I do have the largest Tourney Group for a long time- the Fannation Community and the Fannation National Championship, Finish your throwdowns, among others. To overlook my record I thank you- just as Canton has to overlook Steve Young's Tampa Years.

Third- to the new comers to fannation. This site is for fun, use it for what you will. Just don;t take a great topic and throw your homer ideals into it, read the arguments- if at all possible all the arguments and vote who made the best case. Unless one of them is an idiot then vote for the best picture.

For those of you that don;t know- I work overnight Tech support for a DSL service- 8-8 CST.

This gives me a ton of time overnight while dealing with idiots to talk and read sports, after my wife and kids my passion and reason for living- after food.

That's right- The list goes

wife and kids




Most of you should remember that and get over your pretty differences.

This place is for fun and for friendly conflicts- anything beyond that has no place here.

Rant over


I would feel remiss If I did not single out a few people:

MOH Coach - who took a TD that was not his- and made me work on it- and got me hooked with an intelligent back and forth.

Big Ben68 - thank you for the intro.

Screaming Deamon68 - for handing me my head in my own tourney and forcing me to get better.

and Ravens Fan, Philly Fan, Detroit Fan et al. Thank you for all your work in making fannation enjoyable.

I do understand what an Honor this is and I am moved to make it into this august group


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