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This is a fun time killing game. Go team-by-team and name your favorite player.

 AL EAST: Baltimore: Erik Bedard--filthy pitcher, it's a shame he got hurt. Had it not happened, he would be the clear cut Cy Young winner. Boston: Manny Ramirez--one of the best hitters of my generation. Manny is an absolutely amazing baseball talent. New York: Derek Jeter. While I'll admit he has his flaws (fielding...), he is one of the big reasons I am as big a baseball fan as I am. In 1995, I took my first trip to Yankee Stadium and was hooked; watching Jeter the next year just solidified it. I am going to be there no matter what when he gets into the HOF. Tampa Bay: Rocco Baldelli--If only he could stay healthy...if not him, though, then BJ Upton. Toronto: Frank Thomas--one of my favorites as a little kid, gotta love the Big Hurt.

AL CENTRAL: Cleveland: Grady Sizemore--still a little raw but will be the best OF in the league in 2 years tops. Chicago: Jermaine Dye--quiet, solid player. Also, give Jim Thome points for hilarity. Detroit: Justin Verlander--love him and the way he pitches, Sheffield and Mags are runners up. Kansas City: Gil Meche--had a great year with zero expectations. Minnesota: Johan Santana--it's just unfair; there's Johan and then everyone else.

 AL WEST: Anaheim: Vladimir Guerrerro: absolutely filthy. Oakland: Huston Street, I guess. Seattle: Ichiro--I'm not a huge fan of his but his big OBP hike this year really got me on board. Texas: Michael Young--great hitter who gets criminally overlooked year in and year out.

NL EAST: Atlanta: Mark Texieira--great fielder, great hitter. Florida: Miguel Cabrera--excellent hitter and will only get better. New York--David Wright, I guess. I don't particularly like anyone on the team. Philadelphia: Chase Utley--hands down the best 2B in the league, great hitter, great fielder. Washington: Nick Johnson--if he could just stay healthy, he'd be in the hitting elite of the Majors.

NL CENTRAL: Cincinnati: Ken Griffey, Jr: after all this years, his swing is still perfect. If only he were the one chasing Hank Aaron...Chicago: Derek Lee: another one who's pretty overlooked. Houston: Hunter Pence--this guy will be a stud and it'll be nice to watch him develop. Miluawkee: Prince Fielder--great young hitter who looks like he's just having fun, gotta love it. Pittsburgh: Tom Gorzelanny--another good pitcher stuck on a god awful team. St. Lous--Albert Pujols: ridiculous.

NL WEST: Arizona: Brandon Webb: Chein Ming Wang, take note. Take a page from this dude and turn your sinker into a strikeout pitch! Colorado: Matt Holliday--great hitter finally getting his recognition. Los Angeles: Andre Ethier and James Loney--I can't wait to see these two become stars. The Dodgers have some great young talent on the field. San Diego: Jake Peavy for being a great pitcher, points to Trevor Hoffman for looking like Rutger Hauer. San Francisco: Tim Lincecum--he will be the class of NL pitching for years to come. We also share the same birthday, only one year removed (1986 for him, 1987 for me).


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