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I really didn't think the Bucs were going to be a big Threat this season. But, there division is weak. I picked them to win there division but fold in the playoffs. I thought they had a GREAT draft. They got RE Gaines Adams, LG Aaron Sears, SS/FS Sabby Piscatelli, ROLB Quincy Black.....All these guys are going to be great. Adams and Sears both start and are doing great. Pisc. and Black are going to be Future Studs and special teams players. Piscatelli reminds me of a faster version of John Lynch. I watched about 10 of Quincy Black games in person. This guy is going to be a Star. He will fill Brooks shoes pretty well.

Jeff Garcia has provided this team with a Spark. Are you suprised? The guy loves football. He plays with emotion that is almost unmatched in the NFL. If only Gruden would have signed him a couple of years ago. If he plays next season, you will see a Decent WR come over in Free Agency to play with this guy.

The young but talented OLine has stepped up. I am so impressed with Rook LG Sears, RG Joseph, and RT Trueblood. LT Penn is going to have to step up and believe it when I say he will get a lot of help on RE Freeney.

I feel bad for Caddy but those things happen. Ernest Graham reminds me of Marion Barber or his teammate Pittman. Graham and Pittman will do a good job running the ball. Both are solid and can block and catch. The running game is going to be solid still.

The WR's and TE's still leave something to be desired. Galloway is nice but he is old and you dont know when that hammy will give out. I like WR Clayton. He is doing better now. I just think that it was due to QB incosistency that he looked bad. TE position needs to get more consistent and DROP JERRAMY STEVENS!!!!!!

The TAMPA 2 BABY! Derrick Brooks looks like he is 25 again. He is just a true professional. SS Jermaine Phillips has taken his game to the next level and will probably force SS Sabby Piscatelli to move to FS. Barber has continued to be Solid. Buchanon has really Impressed me too. Ruud has stepped up his game and became the player that Tampa wanted when they drafted him. LOLB Cato June is a playmaker. He may not tackle the best. But he will make plays and force turnovers. Adams has been playing nice. LE Greg White has come on fire. I love players like this. The Dline as a whole has been playing there assignments perfectly.

The Bucs can take the Colts. This is Going to be my Upset pick of the Week. Last week I picked the Browns.......Garcia will lead his team to a Close victory.


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