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The gators loss to Auburn was only a shock because many had given up on Auburn.  West Virginia was surprising but their inconsistent defense finally cost them a game.  USF being sixth in nation makes one stop and relook at the entire picture.  If UCF; who almost beat overranked Texas; beats USF in two weeks.  It will even make it more of a joke with the rankings.

I know that on any good day a team can lose.  This has been a year than almost all teams are not safe.  South Carolina showed that Kentucky has improved but did they deserved number 8 in the rankings?  Time will tell... I can tell you no matter how good SC is; the coach seems to have the handle on some programs.  He proved that against a good Kentucky team and a good Georgia team.  The Florida game now looks much bigger on the schedule. 

This week the seemly powerful LSU will play the Gators in a game that the Gators can rebound and return as a top ranked team or LSU can show everyone that are for real.  Georgia plays Tennessee in a game that UT has to win and UGA has to prove they can win when they are supposed to.

Wisconsin still looms out there and hardly plays a team worth mentioning but they will soon be tested; at least a little.  USC has a real game with California and if they can move on; they will walk to the title game.  Oklahoma shocked everyone but can easily rebound with our current system; if they run the tables against a weak and inconsistent division.

I think Florida vs. LSU will be a statement for both teams.  The questions will be answered and most doubts erased for the defending champs and the current favorite.

Notre Dame now will settle with just a win and probally will never see it.  Michigan will fight but they have proved they were way over ranked.  They will probally make a bowl game with their remaining schedule. 

VT looked strong but were quickly revealed when LSU crushed them at the start of the season.  They are still a decent team but not a championship team.  Even Georgia Tech was talked about when they crushed ND; until we all realized how bad ND was. Louisville looked great and were ranked in the top 10 until a few average teams brought them to earth.

Yes, another year of great football with shocks and statements.  In the end the rankings will determine the big game and a much better team will say "what if"?  Didn't last week show us all we need playoffs? 

Still gotta love the game and this weeked wil be great; hopefully not as crazy as last week.

Your thoughts on teams that have made statements or teams that were shocked and brought to reality?



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